Sunday, July 24, 2016


Here are my blocks for this week:
They all begin with Chuck Nohara.  Do you like them?  I think they are all very cheerful.

Bold and yellow. Sunny and cheery. And very simple.  I love the fabrics in this block.

              This       one I changed up a bit.  I changed the flower and added the extra stems. Nice peach color.

   I just love this pot of flowers!  The yellow with the tiny roses is one of my favorite fabrics in this quilt and it makes a perfect little pot for the flowers.  

The block below I changed quite a bit.  I wanted a porcelain looking bowl and I think this fabric does a decent job of that.  I kept the basic shape of the bowl but added the rim and a delicate curving handle.  I hope you recognize the fruit as an apple, orange, nectarine and nectarine and of course, some strawberries.  I like this block and think the bright colors complete the subdued bowl nicely.

 Look at this bird: 

This is a house finch.  Don't you think he is one scary looking critter?  Look at that bill and those beady eyes and those nasty claws. What does this remind you of?

I am on the email list for the Cornell University Lab for Birds-the nation's best bird resource!  I received a interesting email about dinosaurs.  What is the connection, you wonder? Scientists now believe that dinosaurs,  given that they were warm blooded and laid eggs, were the direct ancestors of birds. They also now have evidence that dinosaurs were all feathered.   It cheers me no end to know that dinosaurs are still among us though, thank goodness, at a user friendly size!

Here is the link to that article: 

and here is a photo from that article showing the beasties in the feathered glory:

Who knows what colors their feathers were.  Maybe they were brightly colored like dinosaurs of today. Anyway, please look again at the little house finch.  Imagine if he were able to look you straight in the eye-birds would not be so cute then.  

I have been a good girl and have been working on my fmq!  Lesson 7 completed: 

This one was easy and fun.  I have joined another fmq sampler group and have my quilt sandwich made but have not yet stabilized it or completed the first lesson.  I found odds and ends of fabric on hand.  I think of the quilt as peaches, grapes, blueberries and plums probably because I was working on the fruit basket block while I put this together.  

I am so happy to say I have 3 new countries visit me this week:  Greece, Jamaica, and Ireland.  Welcome to my new visitors!  I have added their flags.

Happy quilting this week and stay cool (or warm for those hanging upside down in the southern hemisphere.)

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  1. I am hooked Pam bought Chucks book ,love your blocks, !!!

  2. Your applique blocks are beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. Love your blocks and your bird!!

  4. I love looking at your blocks! I'm *new* to applique - and wonder... do you describe 'somewhere' on your blog the 'method' of preparing your pieces for applique that you use?

  5. I got my Chuck book Saturday - I'm so excited!!! Once again your beautiful blocks inspire me!

  6. Lovely new blocks and I had to laugh at the bird photo. In the past when I've taken photos of birds and cropped them, it's amazing to see how nasty/scary a harmless little sparrow or finch can look sometimes in the closeup! :)

  7. Is that bird moulting? He does look scary! Beautiful blocks.

  8. More lovely blocks for your collection... I do love the yellow pot with the tiny roses!

  9. Your blocks are so lovely. Wish I was as good at FMQ.

  10. Love the appliqué blocks, and the happy colours!

  11. Another set of great blocks. Love the pitcher of flowers and fruit basket best.

  12. Another set of great blocks. Love the pitcher of flowers and fruit basket best.

  13. Your blocks are lovely! The 30's fabrics are perfect for them

  14. Fun to see how with each successive block you tweaked the pattern to make it your own.

  15. You sure have had a busy week and your blocks are beautiful. Interesting info about the dinosaurs.