Tuesday, May 4, 2021

     BEEN A WHILE....

Though given feedburners abandonment of blogspot, I wonder about the future of blogging.  No matter....here is what I have been working on:

Completed, this will be my version of Yoko Saito's Imaginary Garden.  Here is her quilt...I am working on the center section tho I am changing up the layout of the motifs to suit.  Her pattern has a dense center with more space towards the border where I want mine to be equally dense.  The outer border will be in the lovely jade color.

Below is a better photo showing all the lovely blue, grey, and tan taupes she so excels at.

The quilt has hours of embroidery in it.  Almost all the flowers and leaves will have some finishing touches to them.
We have gotten thru the pandemic without too much trouble.  We both are vaccinated (team Pfizer) but still laying low.  The most devastating happening was my sweet kitty dying of FIV which is kitty aids.  We were best friends and it was cruel and grueling to watch her fade away.  

She always took an interest in my doings and liked to advise and help out.  I miss her so much.

I finished quilting my tree blocks.  Black electrical tape on the design wall has divided them into seasons.  The pattern calls for crazy quilt blocks in-between the trees and I tried to do that but crazy quilting is not a technique that is simpatico to me.   I love the look of it but cannot make it work.  I have an idea involving intertwined vines with minimal additions.  But later.....

    AND NOW....

Without looking at the photo reference, what is your best guess as to what this is a photo of???? I thought it was a tapestry done is slubby, tweedy yarn.  But no...it is a storage lot in China of disused bicycles.  What is the story here I wonder-so many bicycles?

Rebecca Deming on her blog https://www.rebeccagracequilting.com/
has some info on a possible remedy for the feedburner fiasco.

So long for now, keep up the good work

Sunday, October 4, 2020


I would still be wondering around in the dark re: pages if it were not for excellent instructions and advice from Gretchen at Gretchen's little Corner and Cheeky Cognoscenti aka Rebecca Deming. Originally I wanted to enable a click on the quilts on the sidebar to take one to the quilt details but I think blogger is not sophisticated enough though blogger is excellent at doing what it is supposed to do.

I am also getting better at mastering tension with monofilament.  I am using wonderfil 80 wt deco-bob in the bobbin.

I decided to go with a striated quilting for this sky with this beautiful fabric from Jennifer Sampou's sky collection, as it seems a layered sky.
Beautiful sky and leaves

Quaking aspens is what my trees are.

November foliage 

We are going backward in time...this is October
I stuffed the pumpkins.  Love the delicate foliage

For this sky, I jaggedly outlined the orangey sunset streaks to add some drama
This sky fabric is perfect for an October sunset.  It took several months of searching to find an orange casted sky fabric which was not overwhelmed by the color orange.

Glorious colors for the leaves.  Some are variegated threads and some are not.

An owl on the lookout for mice.

Yesterday on our drive to the nature trails, we saw a huge hawk in someone's yard.  We thought at first it was a statue so unusual it is to see such a thing.  As we watched, the hawk struggled to its wings and took off in a low flight with a heavy grey squirrel in its talons.

Backwards to September. 

This sky is another of Jenn Sampou's sky fabric-I used 4 in all.  It is not as dramatic as some of her skies so I decided to do a windy look.  Quilting with Helen Godden has taught me lots of techniques and ways to approach a subject.  One of the tips she gave us is to have the quilting "disappear" behind the forefront in this case the trees and also to have the quilting slip off the sides of the block as it the sky goes on but you cannot see it.
The moose among the turning foliage
This tree fabric I think is perfect to do what is it called upon to do.  Trees turn so many beautiful colors in the fall..purples, oranges, roses, rusts...you know the rest.

Swirly skies.  Fall is my favorite season.

3months remain to be quilted-the summer months of June, July, and August.  Then the crazy quilting......

Before I do that however, I will return to Helen Godden's Midnight Magic quilt.  I ran out of the black background fabric ,which appears to be out of print now, and since it is patterned, however subdued, that specific fabric was necessary.  I finally found some and it will arrive on Tuesday.  Whew!

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Keep creating, stay well, stay cheerful

Wednesday, September 30, 2020




What a pretty quilting pattern!  The month is april , windy April shaking the cherry blossom branches.  HOWEVER....the tension is too tight.  I have a cool attachment on Queenie, the greatest quilting machine ever, which tells me the number of the top tension:

The readout is really helpful as it tells me the relative numbers of the tension.  No matter how I set it though, the tension was off.  SO...following Helen Godden's instructions for using gold metallic thread, I took my heart in my hands and adjusted the bottom tension.  Here is the clever part tho which is probably obvious to most everyone else....lets say clever for me.  I took a phone photo of the original setting so I can always find it again.

Am I good or what!
April was the first month I quilted :

Even tho the first thing I do with my quilts is wet them and then put them in the dryer to shrink and crinkle, you can see the tension is too tight.  It looks nice and crinkly but the quilt design pattern is lost.

This is a bit better but I still have not adjusted the bottom tension so there is more drawing up by the quilting than should be

I liked how the snowy ground turned out

The idea behind this sky was to create a puffy snowy cloud appearance

You can see from this one that the fabric looks like a snow fall.

Onwards...December...in which I adjust the bobbin tension

There was not much sky quilting on this block-mostly outlining and foreground.  
Silver thread on the snow for glitter and pretty pinecones

Tension was pretty good on this one

You can see the tension is looser

Going for a bit of a stormy sky here .


Lots of sky here

My cat Alyosha's spring activities
A clam and wavy sky

"blue" birds guarding their nest
And lastly, February...Sunset in the cold and frosty pine forest

So here are the first 6 months and I have completed some of summer and fall seasons also.

It turned out that the thread I had bought for this project-invisafil 100 wt in antique worked really well but showed up too much.  I then bought a huge spool (don't) know what I was thinking-it will last me a life time) of  clear Superior Monopoly 100 wt which is much more difficult to work with than the invisifil.  Then was when the tension problems occurred. As I said these were solved pretty well by loosen the bobbin tension.


Gretchen of  http://gretchenslittlecorner.blogspot.com/


Rebecca of https://www.rebeccagracequilting.com/   AKA Cheeky Cognoscenti

for their answers to my request of help on how to do pages in a blog.  I might be able to accomplish this now with their excellent help.

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Keep creating, stay well, stay cheerful