Caswell Quilt


Here is the original pattern by Threadbear of Australia.  I generally don't like my blocks to line up in rows and columns like tidy little soldiers so I deconstructed each block, created some others, and adapted some from the original quilt which is in the Metropolitan Museum. 

Here is the Caswell carpet which hangs in the Met which is made of wool blocks embroidered in chain-stitch

Note the fruit basket on the left had side.  This basket has been reinterpreted as a hooked rug, and needleppont, a folk art painting on wood just to name a few.  I decided to put that block on my
Caswell quilt.  Here is the original clipped and turned .

The ants have found this sweet fruit and have left the picnic where they began.

 Here is the picnic with bread and cheese, wine and fruit on a red check cloth with my beloved blue and white china.
 This block I designed myself as I wanted a block with a beehive, my yellow cat Yoshi, and one of the large black and yellow spiders which were so common in our big garden on our farm.
 A bird found some bird seed.
 Another of my blocks-yellow birds bathing in a puddle.  You can see all the bugs I added to break up the concept of alignment.
 This block is also one of my favorites.  Adapted by Corlis of Threadbear
 These two blocks I adapted from the original fquilt adding the snails, honeybees, hummer, butterflies and ladybugs as this is a garden quilt.  There is always lots of life in a garden.
 The double bird block I also adapted from the original carpet.

2 more blocks, deconstructed from one shape to another

A singing bird but I am no musician so don't hold me accountable for the song.
 No garden is complete without a bird bath attracting dragonflies to the water.
Lots of the blocks in this quilt tell little stories.


  1. This quilt is a treasure! It doesn't look anything like the original pattern. Thanks for sharing her beauty!