Tuesday, July 28, 2020


July block finished-a completely charming scene.  The sky background is one of Jennifer Sampou's Sky fabric-check these out for some beautiful ombre skys.

Actually I have finished all 12 of these seasonal blocks and so the next step is the crazy quilting which is pretty scary as I have never done it before.  It involves lots of embroidery with ribbons and threads, tambour embroidery, needlepunch embroidery, embellishments with laces and trims, buttons and charms.  Basically a whole different mindset for me.  

However,learning new mindsets is excellent brain exercise for me since I just had my 73 birthday.  As I told you before, I am a bionic woman (lots of new added improved parts-3 joint replacements, new lens for eyes, new ears, and new eyes) so I can do it.  Tho there is some fabric painting for me to do first while I let this new stuff jell in my brain.

My husband is a very witty man.  He says I am not a Marbourg (our last name) but a Cyborg.

Here is an interesting factoid:

Early release of 2020 census information reveals that of people 30 years of age and younger, almost half are "minorities" whatever that is as most everyone's genetics are mixed up and we are all the same anyway.

Of people over 65, 27% of people are "minorities".  This shows the great change in populations in America over the last 40-50 years.


When i first glanced I thought it was an ancient tablet engraving with the attenuated figure and the graceful lines. No doubt I was influenced by studies at uni of ancient archaeology and art history.  Adding to that concept is the sandy color of the background and the raised tablet shape, smooth and worked.
The photo is really the shadow of an salt farmer (you can see him at the bottom of the photo) working in a salt marsh in France.

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