Saturday, June 26, 2021



The wall hanging is made using Sue Zipken's digital print line "Good Vibes".  I am deconstructing the pattern and then reconstructing it in (to me) in more fluid lines.  Time will tell how successful I am.  I love the beautiful colors in this fabric line.  So much variation usings only about 6 different pieces.

Lots of careful work.  All this work may seem tedious to some but I love the entire process of deciding on the layout, auditioning different colors, forming the shapes, and then the final step of appliqueing the pieces to the background with my beautiful kimono silk threads.  Every step of the process is enthalling to me and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have this in my life even if the end result is not what I pictured.  

There will be lots of embroidery to add before this project is finished. For instance, in the above photo, all the loose dots will be connected to stems or flowers.  The blue flowers will have french knots in their centers and filigree work to the edges of the petals.  The dragonfly will be given details and the red circle flowers in the lower right will have french knots.  

This is the progress so far.  Don't you find helpful to view your work in photographic form?  You see bits that need to be reworked and places that are "empty" that are missed when looking at the thing itself.

Another four weeks will be the end of our blog posts send to readers by email.  I have noticed some have found other means such as Feedly.  I am still on the fence-I may just go to instagram and pinterest.  What about you?

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