Saturday, June 26, 2021



The wall hanging is made using Sue Zipken's digital print line "Good Vibes".  I am deconstructing the pattern and then reconstructing it in (to me) in more fluid lines.  Time will tell how successful I am.  I love the beautiful colors in this fabric line.  So much variation usings only about 6 different pieces.

Lots of careful work.  All this work may seem tedious to some but I love the entire process of deciding on the layout, auditioning different colors, forming the shapes, and then the final step of appliqueing the pieces to the background with my beautiful kimono silk threads.  Every step of the process is enthalling to me and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have this in my life even if the end result is not what I pictured.  

There will be lots of embroidery to add before this project is finished. For instance, in the above photo, all the loose dots will be connected to stems or flowers.  The blue flowers will have french knots in their centers and filigree work to the edges of the petals.  The dragonfly will be given details and the red circle flowers in the lower right will have french knots.  

This is the progress so far.  Don't you find helpful to view your work in photographic form?  You see bits that need to be reworked and places that are "empty" that are missed when looking at the thing itself.

Another four weeks will be the end of our blog posts send to readers by email.  I have noticed some have found other means such as Feedly.  I am still on the fence-I may just go to instagram and pinterest.  What about you?

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  1. This is beautiful! You are doing such a lovely job, I like how you are making this wall hanging your own dsign, happy stitching!

    Please keep on posting. I don't do instagram or pinterest. I bookmark people's blogs then run through the list when I have time. I'll have my daughter switch me to a new service when she is here in September. Until then, people will just have to make a personal search for me or check for me at linky parties.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh my gosh, Pam -- is this all needleturn applique? It's magnificent! I can envision it with the future embroidered embellishment, too.

  4. Beautiful!! It is so pretty now, and it will be fun to see the embroidery added!! Instagram is just one picture -- I love reading the story in a blog post. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love your personnal version, very soft and beautiful. I like these dots, even not connected to the flowers ;)

    I switched to MailChimp for my subscribers, but if you have more than 2,000 followers, it's better in my opinion to send them to Bloglovin. Some bloggers use
    Maybe blogging world is not the priority for Google but it doesn't mean this is the end of blogging. Still a lot of free blog plateforms around to be tried ;)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, and linking up today!

  6. Such gorgeous applique - light and airy dancing flowers!
    I had never realized that Feedburner was such a big deal. I've been using Feedly since Google Reader stopped (and had used something else before that), so had never depended on email notifications anyway. I wonder if people who think they'll have to stop blogging realize how many readers they probably have out there who will be bereft. (I tried instagram briefly and loathed it. I'm frankly sad about how many bloggers are talking about shifting over to it...)

  7. Your flowers are looking so beautiful, this is going to be gorgeous. Such lovely fabrics. I havnt used the feedburner thing for years, it was always letting me down. I have been following all my favourite blogs with bloglovin and get a daily digest of all the latest blogs which works really well for me. Hope you will stay around in blogland. xx

  8. I love your project, it is gorgeous. I am using followit for those who want to be subscribed by email. I use Bloglovin for the blogs I follow.

  9. Hi,
    Beautiful hand work on this quilt. It's so colorful!
    Have a great day!

  10. What a gorgeous appliqué project you are working on! It looks spectacular now, even before the embroidery!

  11. This is looking beautiful! It truly is a vision in pretty colour and floral gorgeousness!

  12. Your work is magnificent! Like you, I enjoy every step of the process. I bookmark the blogs I read and take time to read them with my morning coffee. It often takes me a couple weeks or more to get through the list, but that’s fine. I always say that blogs are like a nutritious meal and Instagram is like dessert 🙂. I hope you keep blogging, but I’ll follow you on Instagram if you go there!

    1. So you know what I mean about enjoying the process!I have always loved blogs but they appear to be a disappearing breed.  When I first started, there were so many bloggers with so much love of the craft, with beautiful designs, ideas, questions.  So many have faded away and are not even on instagram.  I don't know if they don"t quilt anymore or just lack the desire to share their work.I will be 74 in a few weeks and am really tired of always updating my technology.  But I have recd some really helpful ideas and leads to continue emailing posts.  Plus, even tho I have an instagram account, I cannot figure out how to post to instragram.  Must be easy but it eludes me.I signed up to follow your blog by email and on instagram.  I love your June "mini" with the beautiful oriental fabrics.  Also your "resurrection".  I have search high and low for the dutch chintz panel but it was sold out long ;ago.It is nice to make your acquaintance!

  13. That is truly a gorgeous work of art. Thank you for sharing so we can enjoy.

  14. Oh I gorgeous! I love it!
    I'll just keep blogging away here like I always have :)

  15. That is stunning!

    I've never subscribed to blogs via email. I think it would drive me nuts to get dozens of emails a day about blog posts. I use a blog reader, (Feedly in my case) and let all the new posts go there and wait until I'm ready to read them.

  16. Oh this is just beautiful!! all that amazing handwork and love going into it just makes it even better!

  17. Hi Pam,
    Your interpretation of this quilt is beautiful. I agree about taking pictures with a camera of my quilts in progress, it gives me a dfferent perspective and I see things I didn’t see before. Don’t worry about the loss of email connection to your blog - I have gotten along fine without it, and I think your blog will too. Hugs, Judy