Tuesday, May 4, 2021

     BEEN A WHILE....

Though given feedburners abandonment of blogspot, I wonder about the future of blogging.  No matter....here is what I have been working on:

Completed, this will be my version of Yoko Saito's Imaginary Garden.  Here is her quilt...I am working on the center section tho I am changing up the layout of the motifs to suit.  Her pattern has a dense center with more space towards the border where I want mine to be equally dense.  The outer border will be in the lovely jade color.

Below is a better photo showing all the lovely blue, grey, and tan taupes she so excels at.

The quilt has hours of embroidery in it.  Almost all the flowers and leaves will have some finishing touches to them.
We have gotten thru the pandemic without too much trouble.  We both are vaccinated (team Pfizer) but still laying low.  The most devastating happening was my sweet kitty dying of FIV which is kitty aids.  We were best friends and it was cruel and grueling to watch her fade away.  

She always took an interest in my doings and liked to advise and help out.  I miss her so much.

I finished quilting my tree blocks.  Black electrical tape on the design wall has divided them into seasons.  The pattern calls for crazy quilt blocks in-between the trees and I tried to do that but crazy quilting is not a technique that is simpatico to me.   I love the look of it but cannot make it work.  I have an idea involving intertwined vines with minimal additions.  But later.....

    AND NOW....

Without looking at the photo reference, what is your best guess as to what this is a photo of???? I thought it was a tapestry done is slubby, tweedy yarn.  But no...it is a storage lot in China of disused bicycles.  What is the story here I wonder-so many bicycles?

Rebecca Deming on her blog https://www.rebeccagracequilting.com/
has some info on a possible remedy for the feedburner fiasco.

So long for now, keep up the good work


  1. Beautiful quilts. So sorry to hear of your family member passing. I lost two of my babies (kitties) last year and was devastated. Sending lots of big hugs.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Kitty. She looks so sweet there, lying on your handiwork. Your applique garden is beautiful! All those gorgeous colours and detail are amazing. I love your interpretation. I would never have guessed they were loads of disused bicycles. It's lovely to visit you again.

  3. Your applique piece looks fantastic. Sorry to hear about your kitty.
    Would never have guessed that photo was of bicycles - I thought it was upholstery fabric!

  4. Wow! I thought the photo was a slubby fabric!
    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty! She was beautiful!
    I am very interested to see how you are going to set your applique and embroidered trees! :)

  5. I don't think blogging will ever die out totally. I *think* it's the only place one can take their time and really discuss their projects in detail. IG may be great for a fast photo and short comment, but sometimes things need more. Like your current *Gorgeous* quilt, and showing the inspiration for it. Or a sewing room organization effort. I wonder if so many unused bicycles are due to more people in China moving to cars, or if due to pandemic shutdowns....

    Sorry about your kitty, she had some gorgeous expressive blue eyes.

  6. I've missed your posts! I love your applique, it's beautiful!. Yoko's is very nice but I like the colors in yours better. I would have never guessed the bottom photo was unused bicycles, I thought it was a tapestry also. Happy stitching!

  7. Nice catching up with your creations and hopefully blogging will continue as I love the connections and friendships made via this mode. My time ease your loss of your sweet kitty and help you remember her love. I truly love your trees and would love to purchase your pattern when you are through with it, please consider this as I'd be thrilled to make one too. The details and your hand work are supreme!

  8. Nice to see you coming back ;) Your flowers appliquéd are fabulous, I love them!
    I wrote a tutorial about Feedburner alternative, also a good way for me to remember how to do it ;)
    Thank you for linking up!

  9. The applique is beautiful. I love the aqua stems. Are you having a hard time appliqueing with batiks. So so lovely.

  10. WoW... your needle turn applique is gorgeous...well done.
    So sorry for the loss of your four legged friend too...xox

  11. Wow! So much gorgeous quilting!

  12. Such pretty applique and embroidery. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Gorgeous applique and embroidery! I'm glad you have the patience for it because I don't. Sorry for the loss of your cat.

  14. Your Applique is stunning!! Love all those colors. I think Blogging is here to stay - its so fun to learn about the whole project rather than a little snap. Thanks for Linking to Finished (or not) Friday!

  15. Oh, Pam -- my heart aches for you. I'm so sorry that you lost your kitty and that she suffered. It's so hard to be helpless and just be there for them and do the best you can to make them comfortable until one day there is nothing else that you can do. Of course your applique is breathtaking and the scope of this project is fantastic. I know that you are missing your feline companion and feeling her absence with every stitch.

  16. What a wonderful project! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. May your sweet memories bring happy thoughts. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday, sorry I am late in reading last week's!

  17. I'm sorry you lost your feline friend. It is hard to watch them fade and not be able to help.
    I love your version of Yoko Sato's quilt-- the colors you are using are much more to my taste. Lovely, lovely fabrics.

  18. Somehow I missed this post which is annoying as I love your work so much. Good to see all your beautiful tree blocks together - I wonder how you will finish those spaces. So sorry to read about your little cat. xx