Saturday, April 4, 2020

DAY 17
 This is the September block with fall trees and shrubs.  The critter is a  moose if it seems indeterminate.  Some block don't have much ribbon embroidery and this is one of them.  There are ribbon leaves on the autumn trees and on the shrubs.  

Here is a before photo to show how the ribbon embroidery enhances the design.

The sky fabric is from Jennifer Sampou's line of sky fabrics.  These are gorgeous and I have used several.

We continue to be well.  The Missouri governor put the state in a shelter-in-place situation.  In our small town Walmart seems to be the local gathering place.  We see old people with oxygen tanks, pregnant women, children, young people-a general cross section of the population.  We don't, of course, go into our local Walmart. 

I am kind of proud of Walmart tho as they have instituted new rules.  Only 20% occupancy can be in the store at one time-then, when full, it becomes only one in as one leaves.  Apparently the aisles have been marked like one way streets with clerks enforcing this. Grocery store workers are some of our most valued people these days.  These steps Walmart has taken of limiting customers and defining traffic patterns will help ensure the health of employees as well as shoppers.

The electricity went out the other day.  Kitty and I were surfing the web with our feet up in the recliner when-nothing.  We sat there for about 15 minutes contemplating the fragility of our world.  I thought about internet and electricity repair people and our resulting lives if they are sick and unable to work.  What about the postoffice?  The police to keep order (is that why gun sales are up?). We already know how stressed our hospitals are and the danger to health care professionals.  Just some thoughts as I stared at my blank screen.

My daughter, Mary, as most of you know, lives in India.  She sent me this photo of the Indian idea of social distancing.
The squares were made by government officials to mark where people should stand for social distancing.  Instead, they are using the boxes to mark their places in line and sitting together in the shade.

Shake it off!!! and now:


A moment of reflection, humor, or beauty in these trying times 

Photo from the National Geographic

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