Tuesday, January 10, 2023


I have been busy 2022 even tho I lagged behind on blogging.

Progress on my version of Yoko Saito's Imaginary Garden which maybe I will name Garden of the Honeybees.  About 75 of them have been hand appliqued on the quilt. All that remains is to finish the quilting part.  I have sewn around all the elements and am faced with the quandary of how to fill in the background. ????  All I can think of is a stipple.  Any ideas???

Some sample areas of the applique......

No more quilting is actually needed in terms of stability but rather for enhancement of the applique.

NEWEST PROJECT begun in November:

Fields of Flora by Verna Mosquera

Eight blocks are completely finished tho I have not cut them all to size (8.5 x 10.5)

The fabrics are 50% Art Gallery fabrics, 40% Tilda by the lovely Norwegian designer  Tone Finnanger, and 10% miscellaneous.  

I had a wonderful time collecting fabric for this applique.  I spent many happy hours on research on etsy and on line shops.  I came to appreciate Art Gallery Fabrics-they have become some of my favorites for the modern look, their sense of color, and their lovely hand.
I have not been in a store or restaurant in 3-count them-3 years of covid.  I am not sure if I ever will now that I know how easy life is without them.  We always wear masks in public tho not many people do.
I use only 100 wt Kimono silk thread for the applique.  It is so fine and lustrous and the colors are beautiful.  I had some Yuli 100 wt silk thread but it was coarse in comparison.  I have all the colors of the Kimono thread.
It took forever to find two of the blue prints in this block.
Here is the design wall with the 8 blocks removed.  All are basted and 6 are ready to applique and the others still need some tweaking before I am happy with them.


The wonderful Helen Godden offered a free you tube class which you can still access if you are interested.   Based on those ubiquitous flower panels, we free motion quilted the petals using a black background.  She is the best teacher in the whole world not to mention a lovely person.  We began in the center and worked outward.   After we all got the hang of what we were doing, we took off in individual directions of quilting.  A lot of the designs I choose were from the time I took up drawing Zentangles.  Helen then painted into her quilting designs for a real WOW ending.  I did not do this part as I am 75 and time is of the essence.  You have to pick and choose and I love to pick up little bits of fabric to make designs.

The front-really a big blah.

The Caswell quilt sat around for a couple years while I got involved with other projects and waited for inspiration to come regarding a border for this applique.  My brain dredged up all kinds of ideas which I vetoed and finally settled on this simple arrangement which I think complements the complexity of the the design nicely and leaves it to be center stage.  I used wool batting.  The applique is all basted and ready to quilt.  When I assemble for the quilting process, I use pins but this time, since I am not sure how long this job will be in a holding pattern, I hand basted the layers and removed the pins fearing rust if I left them in.  I have not worked out the details of quilting yet but I think it will be a random pattern using the motifs as the main inspiration.  For instance, in the lower right side a red bird is singing.  The quilting there will be a music staff to incorporate the notes.  I know I will quilt in insects and leaves and them probably pattern around that BUT who knows...not me for sure!

This is another project which languished in a state of un-being.  Below is a photo of what was supposed to be a completion but I knew it was wrong-I just could not see how to make it right.  So it sat and I stewed.  I don't consider projects in the state to be UFO's because unfinished project implies one has abandoned it and these were never abandoned.  They were constantly in my head while I worked on other things mentally trying out ideas. I am very pleased with how the design spoke and resolved itself but, as you can imagine, lots of work was required to make all that 1/4 bias tape and hand applique it onto the seam of the border and body.  And before anyone asks, NO, I no longer have the pattern.  People email me often asking if I will sell the pattern-it is long gone.   
Well, that is 2022 done and dusted.  I could say alot about this past year, good and bad, but probably no one wants to hear it.

Two for today since it has been so long in coming

Camera flash on a spider's web by Ben Spurs Miles

Fractal beauty of the mundane purple cabbage

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