Jacobean Garden


This quilt was based on a drawing in an old Dover book by Suzanne Chapman published in 1976.   Dover used to print the greatest design reference books but, with pinterest etc, they really aren't needed so much any more.  All the Dover publications were copyright free which was one of the joys of them.

Here is the reference drawing for my design.  It abruptly stops so most of my work was trying to make a logical image instead of the lopped off  top.
And here is my drawing of the new design.
A couple of years later, I came across this from the Boston Museum.  If you look at the center of the panel beginning at the bottom with the ground formation, and follow that section up, you can see the area from which Suzanne Chapman took her design.  She cuts off about halfway up the pattern-there are two more pretty birds and more flowers.
I used wools hand appliqued onto white cotton and hand quilted the background.