Thursday, July 14, 2016


I am very excited.  It is a beauty and I love it.  So far I have taken the best photos of my life.  Of course the above photo was not taken with the new camera -lol-so it retains my trademark lame look.  Here are a couple more photos.  The first shop is with regular focus and the second is zoom.  It has lots of pixels and a sharp focusing lens.


So. with no further are some photos taken with the new camera!

Is this great or what!  You can even see the detailing on the feet and the colors are perfect.  

And here is our neighbor at the corn feeder. 

I am still learning.  I think the focus was on the bark which shows up in high resolution.

Last but, of course not least are two photos of the best beloved.

Blossom said not to put this one on-line.  She is yawning and says she doe not really look like that-she is really a rare beauty.   Blossom is annoyed with me for displaying it. She sitting in the drawer of Petra Prins Dutch chintz some more of which I should be receiving soon.

I have added something new to my blog and that is a picture of the flag of each country from which someone visits the blog.  They are in the bottom right. The first flags are in order by the number of hits from that country.  Most of the later ones have just a few.  In the past few days I have been newly visited by Italy, Thailand and Mauritius. 

Mauritius is an interesting place.  It is a small island about 1200 miles off the coast of Madagascar.  It seems like a wonderful place per Wikipedia.  Not only is it beautiful, it is diverse in people, religions, languages and has a very democratic parliamentary style government and a very tolerant population with a nice standard of living.  People there are poly lingual-Both French and English are spoken in Parliament. It is also the home of the extinct Dodo bird and an important island in the Indian Ocean trade. 

One aspect of the internet and blogging that is especially important to me is it's internationality and I love when other countries stop by to visit me on-line.

I finished my free motion quilting lesson for this week.  Use of rulers in fmq is the aim of this lesson but I do not have rulers and, at this point anyway, do not envision using them.  So I used this lesson as a opportunity to practice straight lines in a design. 

Harder to hide the flaws with a good camera but there you have it, lesson 6.  I have a new sampler in mind when this one is finished based on a beautiful one by Margaret Solomon Gunn.  I asked her if she had a pattern or video demonstrating this sampler.  She did not but kindly told me how she divided the sampler and directed me to the magazine Machine Quilting Unlimited wherein she has an great article on fillers to use to fill the sampler. 

More blocks are completed-one of Chuck's and one I designed.  I will show them later. I mostly wanted to share the new camera which I hope will improve my blog.

Happy quilting!


  1. Hi there, visiting you from New Zealand in the South Pacific!

  2. Hi Pam. Hope you enjoy the new camera. Your FMQ is beautiful. How funny about Mauritius... the trolls are hitting all the quilting blogs.

  3. I read your posts in email, and came to see the lovely international flags -- what a great idea!

  4. I love the picture of the squirrel!