Sunday, September 25, 2016

I assigned myself several objectives which gave some definition to my time but still a lot of time was spent wandering lost among the fabric so to speak. Everyone who tries to create expects to spend some down time in the land of the lost.  This happened to me also about three months ago just after i finished quilting Mountmellick when  I developed a painful quilter's block-not the square kind-the empty kind.  I got over it-one always does but it does not seem you will while in this blue funk.

Let me tell you what I did accomplish this week.  The empty nester bedroom was cleaned and tidied-no mean feat- so I could lay out Chuck Susan and Me.  I divided the blocks into several parts-those derived from Chuck, those derived from Susan Smith Stonefields quilt, those I thought up, those which are so generic no one can claim them, and a couple from other designers.

Here are Chucks:

Here are the blocks derived from Susan's quilt pattern:

You can see the difference between Chuck's very imaginative and stimulating designs and Susan's simpler, softer designs which repeat several times.  The repeats are one of the main reasons I looked for another design source:  if I was going to go to the trouble of 143 blocks I want them interesting and different.  Nothing against Susan's quilt.  If you google Stonefields, you will see lots of beautiful quilts made from this pattern.  It was just not me.

Here are my designs which I hope have a lot in common with Chuck's outlook on design.

Generic blocks-we have all seen these blocks many times before in many different quilts:

What can I say-all are pretty simple and a lot use motif from a bit of fabric as the center.  

These last three are from 2 designers: first Dear Jane pattern and the second 2 are by Faye Anderson in her book published in 1990.

I believe in giving credit to my sources.  I have studied lots of quilts as I am sure you have also-we can all recognize when a design has a backstory.  

All the blocks have some deviation from the original be it shaping, color mood, little additions etc.  Next week i hope to be over my funk and able to arrange these blocks in their final order-maybe even stitch them together.  I am still working on the center block.  

On to new things.  I have begun Sweet Surrender (hate that name).  The pattern calls for 18 full triangles and 4 half triangles.  The four background strips are cut and marked,  and applique has begun on the first triangle..

How is that for a complete switch in color moods from C,S, and Me with its pastels to this wild coloration from Kate Spain.  I dug through my Kaffe Fassett collection but could only find some brilliant turquoise/green for leaves to add to my fabric mix.

That's all for now-I hope you all have a good week and enjoy what you are doing.

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  1. Quite a collection, will they all be in the same quilt?

  2. Interesting seeing all the blocks divided the way you have displayed them. You could play and play with moving the blocks around to come up with a final setting. I am looking forward to seeing them in their final resting place.

  3. Lovely to see the blocks broken down by designer/style. Your quilt is going to be magnificent and wonderfully unique! Sweet Surrender is off to a fabulous start. Looking forward to following your newest journey.

  4. Sweet Surrender may be a silly name, but your first triangle is very pretty! Very fun colors!

  5. I love "your" applique...:) These blocks are outstanding.

  6. Wow, love them all, so looking forward to seeing the final resting place for them :)

  7. Some really nice applique patterns, so much fun. I really like the 2 parrots and some of the other birds. Your fussy cutting makes everything stand out. I an't wait to see them all arranged together.

  8. Your blocks look amazing all laid out like that. Your first triangle is looking splendid too. xx

  9. Your blocks are so pretty. I look forward to seeing how you put the blocks together into the quilt. I love your Sweet Surrender block. (I agree with that name, it sounds like something from a racy sex novel, not a quilt title.) My guild is making SS for the 2017 Mennonite Relief Sale. Last night they showed the quilt flimsy at the meeting and the border was made like the pattern. The border really did look nice, much nicer than the pattern border. Have a great week! Blessings, Gretchen

  10. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what creative blocks you are working on. When I look at your Chuck blocks laid out, they look like a finished quilt on their own. Maybe you've made a couple of quilts and not just one integrated quilt.

  11. I love all the blocks--thanks for separating them--it's fun to see the differences by design. I'm wondering if you used fabrics from a particular line of fabric by one designer, or stuff from your stash? The blocks all look so wonderful together!

  12. I find all your block just amazing! I really haven't done much applique, so I can't even imagine how long these took you :) Gorgeous!!

  13. I love how you've pulled different blocks together (and then showing us separately, too) to make this quilt. So fun!