Saturday, May 12, 2018


Many of you will recognize the fourth bird in Helen Godden's series "Feathered Friends".  All the birds in this BOM are Aussie birds.  Pictured above is a blue wren which is a tiny little bird common in Australia.  This is such a great series. 

Helen is a great teacher who is not hide bound with rules-girl after my own heart.  She stresses consistency rather than perfection.  Consistency is pleasing to the eye and quilting is as individual as one's handwriting.  Helen has different classes and books on improving your quilting on her webpage  

This block was quilted on my new Tiara II.  There has been no real learning curve to quilting on the new quilter.  The moves are the same as on my old Juki but now I have more room to maneuver, to see what is happening, and keep better control over the quilting. It is also much more comfortable to work on-no more cramped arms and sore back muscles which, at 70, I already have plenty of aches and pains without adding to it. I am a lucky girl to have this in my life.  I have been practicing for about 45 minutes a day as if I were learning to play the piano.


Net neutrality is defined in the google dictionary as "the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites".  Beginning June 11 in the US, internet providers will create different levels of internet speed and charge accordingly instead of the equality of service that exists now.

What does this mean for bloggers?  What does this mean for small quilt shops who sell on line?  What does it mean for those of us who spend time flipping thru screen of images of fabrics or ideas?  Nothing good, I fear.  

Free platforms provide the means to post blogs.  Will we be forced to pay a monthly charge to blog so we don't stream at the speed of a glacier?

Small quilt shops provide a huge service for quilters.  We see new fabric lines, can search for several hours until we find that one bit of rare fabric, we are presented with creative ideas.  It is a wonderful relationship.  Selling on line gives an economic boost to small quilt shops and provides quilters with good prices, ideas, and hard to find items.  Will small quilt shops be forced to pay more for adequate internet speed?  Either those sites will be frustratingly slow or we will all pay more for goods and services thereby providing internet corps with more revenue.

AND NOW........

(we need lots of these moments if we are to 
keep our sanity)

This beautiful flock of about 2500 white paper origami doves is an art installation by artist Michael Pendry in the nave at the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England. The doves fly the length of the nave and are reflected in the pool below.   The installation is part of a healing process after the nerve gas attack there in March and offers hope and peace.

This is Salisbury Cathedral as seen from the east.  Construction began in 1220 and  is one of the most wonderful examples of English Gothic architecture.  It lies just 8 miles from that other ancient religious site, Stonehenge.

Happy quilting until we meet again!

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  1. The doves are stunning are they not! I love your little wren - she seems to be casting a quizzical eye on the handstander. The new internet system sounds very worrying indeed - I hope it does not come to Europe but no doubt it will. Keep us posted please on how it is working. xx

  2. Beautiful quilting on this cute bird, I love it! The Cathedral is amazing too

  3. Your quilting is lovely! You do such a good job. I'm glad you don't have shoulder cramps anymore. The doves look so peaceful and calm. What a wonderful display.

  4. Your quilting on the new Tiara II is really pretty...have so enjoyed watching all your feathered friends take on a life of their own in each of your projects. Such beautiful work. And thank you for sharing the stunning images of the doves as they soar above the pool in the cathedral...knowing there are messages on each one is both poignant and at the same time, uplifting.
    Guess Net Neutrality was inevitable...if they can figure out a way to create $$’s you can bet that will is all about greed.

  5. A lovely post full of birds.

    The doves in the cathedral are sublime. What a wonderful artwork to fill that soaring space!

    Your blue wren is gorgeous. We have them hopping around in our front garden from time to time. I saw one this morning, but it wasn't the male. The females and youngsters don't have that beautiful blue.

  6. The quilting on your bird is exquisite! Is it on satin?

    I haven't heard of any internet changes on June 11. We already have a price tier for different speed levels but I hadn't heard of more. Do you have a link for more information?

  7. You have certainly made some gorgeous bird blocks.

  8. Net Neutrality has only been in effect since 2015, I haven't noticed any difference in my Internet speed nor did my pricing go down because it was passed. IP's have different packages for faster service, which they already charge more for. NN hasn't stopped that option. this link provides both sides of the issue. I for one wouldn't want the government telling me how much I can charge for quilting or who I must quilt for free of charge. YMMV

  9. Dear Pam

    Your machine quilting is amazing. Just love the attention to detail on each object and section. It is a joy to watch each of your birds blossom. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  10. You are so right about Net Neutrality. Everything will be different, don't fool yourselves. We small people will be totally cut out.

  11. *SIGH* Well, your bird is fabulous, the birds in the cathedral are magnificent, and you are 100% correct about the end of Net Neutrality. :-(