Saturday, June 1, 2019


I have been spending the past few weeks playing with my Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks.  I won't show you my earlier efforts especially the one where I used absolutely all the 72 colors available.  In fact the hardest part for me is to discipline myself to using a few colors, the necessary colors, instead of using all the colors because they are BEAUTIFUL!

The pattern above was adapted from a Mexican embroidery.  I colored the background with a wash made from the blocks and the flowers and leaves were done with the pencils.

Again here I used the pencils.  This bird is adapted from Madhubani painting from India but with my own take on the colors.  I call it The Contradictory Feminine.  I quilt the outline on Queenie, my sit down long arm Tiara quilting machine using Quilter's select for batting for all these pieces.

These pumpkins were painted using the inktense blocks.  The idea comes from Linda Bratton's blog.  She demonstrates a bit on how to do shading.  Most of the paintings I have done are flat-that is they aren't given dimension with shading.  Though I have signed up for an on line class with Desiree Habicht called "Art Applique Fall Leaves"  which isn't applique at all but lessons on how to shade fall leaves from yellow to orange to red inside one leaf-to make realistic but painterly leaves.

This is just a pretty design I saw on Diane Evens blog and thought the design was very flowing and green and purple is one of my favorites.

This little scene is another attempt at shading.  This design is from Lisa Capen.  

The colors are fade proof and washable.  This is accomplished by using a fabric medium mixed with a little water.  The application  of the medium is the trickiest part because adding too much makes the paint run outside the quilted lines which is lovely if that is the effect wanted.  I have learned how to manage this pretty well tho I am not showing you my earlier efforts!

Lastly, here is the latest block from Helen Godden's painted Alice in Wonderland BOM.

These blocks use Jacquard Lumiere acrylic paints which are very different from the inktense.  Inktense-both the blocks and the pencils-are really just water soluble inks.  The color is laid on the fabric then medium (or aloe vera ) is applied to make the color come out and to make it permanent.

The acrylic paint if easier to use and, to my untutored eye, more forgiving.  With Helen's blocks, we trace the pattern on black fabric, then paint, then quilt-first in the unpainted black lines for stability, then, using black thread we bravely quilt in the patterning.  The June block has just come out and it is wonderful.  It is never to late to join one of Helen's Aussie personality BOMs.  Go to  to check it out.  

I finished quilting Chuck, Susan, and Me (aarrgghh!)  I photographed it but the photos did not turn out well and I got bored with the whole thing.  Maybe later-I am proud of it.


We walk on paths thru the woods on Truman Lake near our home.  Truman lake is primarily a flood control lake and there has been so much rain in the drain basin that the lake has reached record levels.  We have had about 8 times as much rain as usual and also record tornadoes-seemingly one per night in Missouri to watch for.  And "they" say there is no such thing as climate change!

Earlier this spring, we were walking in a pathway I call the Black Forest path because it reminds me of a path Hansel and Gretel would have taken-all twisty with the trees so  close and seemingly ancient, bending down to catch and grab you. This is my favorite path-tho there is another one I call the Cathedral path because of all the tall arching trees whose tops bend together just like the vaulted ceiling on a Gothic cathedral.  

Anyway, some eagles built a nest along the Hansel and Gretel path. Kind of a fuzzy eagle photo-she was sitting away from the nest to draw attention away from it.  The other photo is looking up from under the nest which was about 3 feet wide.

a dancer

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun with a new technique! They look lovely. How great to see an eagle. The next will be fun to watch throughout the summer. Happy Stitching!

  2. Pam you are doing great with the painting technique! and your quilt (previous blog) is so pretty! I do not know how I missed the 14 April post, but I did! So good to get a post from you! Have a blessed week - Hugs

  3. Your painting looks amazing. The colours are so intense. What a lovely spot for a walk.

  4. Your fabric painting is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward!

  5. These are FABULOUS, Pam! I want to learn more about these techniques someday, but for now I'm focused on mastering the longarm beast. :-). And I want to see the one where you used ALL the colors... Whoever said "less is more" was just jealous!!

  6. Your paintings are great Pam. I love Inktense pencils although only have a basic tin of 12. I have not tried them on fabric but love using them in my sketchbooks as the colours are so vibrant. How amazing to be so close to that nest! I have a feeling I owe you an email!!! xx

  7. How exciting to have an eagle nest nearby. We had more rain than usual, but not near as much. That painting looks like fun. Maybe I'll try it. I use to love to color.

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