Sunday, September 6, 2020



Moth block from Helen Godden's Midnight Madness.
I changed this block quite a bit as the original has a moon and I want my moon to be in another place on the final design.  I thought a lantern would be suitable for drawing moths to the light instead of the moon.  As Helen pointed out to me, it has strong diagonal lines which will limit it's placement in the overall layout.  I may change it as I work with the concepts I have for the final piece. Unfortunately, for the background I choose a fabric which is out of stock everywhere seemingly rare as hen's teeth (so many of our aphorism are dated from the time when 90% of Americans lived on farms).  Hancock's says they will have some soon.🤞

Here is another question for everyone....I have been attempting to add pages to my blog and have added two.  I have several more in draft form but no matter what I try, i cannot publish them.  I know some of you have pages-please tell me the secret to this.  All advice welcome.

Speaking of the plague in our times. I am one of the best suited to isolation which we rigorous maintain due to our ages and health concerns.  My life in isolation is not too different from other times-I am a home-body , a bit agoraphobic, with a busy and creative internal life.  In the past six months , I have not entered any building but home and rarely spoken to anyone outside of home.  I value the on-line world of blogging and on-line quilt classes and quilting/painting facebook  groups (I am a moderator for one quilting group).  These are a real outlet for my social side and I am glad for it.  Each blogger/facebook member has interesting stories of how they are faring in this time and what they are working on.  We creator/quilters are a lucky group.

Since I have to wait for black background fabric, I am going to start quilting (gulp) the tree blocks.  Have the thread, have the backing, just need the courage.


I collect staircases.  We go around in our everyday lives , see the everyday world but I see no reason why  beauty or interest cannot be injected into it.  Street art is one of my favorites as you can probably discern from the zen moments.  Why isn't street are everywhere?  

Over the next few posts, I will share my staircase collection-here are some....

Do you feel the little girl's happiness that these stairs are there for her to run up and down on?  Photo by Abe Kleinfeld.  I think the stairs reside in my old stomping ground in hilly San Francisco.

Why have an ordinary balustrade when you could have this strange and lovely piece.  Photo came with no attributions as to place or photographer.  

Staircase to the Uni library at Univerzitet Babamand

Looks like the most calming place in the world. Transport me there, Scotty!

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Keep creating, stay well, stay cheerful


  1. Your moths are gorgeous, as are those staircases.

  2. Oh, Pam, discovery your blogposts is always such an amazing and inspiring moment ! THANKS YOU for that xoxo Life here is keeping going, same old, same old. Looks like the Covid is coming back in full speed, and we're keeping confined as mmuch as possible... I was not feeling well, lastly, and felt a bit anxious about that, but our doctor checked us fully, and it's OK - thank God-
    I've been sloooooowly quilting and appliqueing, but I'm feeling very distracted and can't focus as usual. Well, I guess this too shall pass. Have to remain confident and organized. I know I'll somehow be back to my old self, sooner or later...
    In the meantime, I'm sending my heartful thoughts to you, and wishing you and your family the best :))

    PS : will have to check your group on Facebook, I'm sure there are tons of inspiring hidden treasures there ! :)

  3. All those stairs are incredible! Why I would love to run up and down every one. 'That' balustrade is ingenious! Why isn't there street art everywhere?? I for one think there should be more art in our streets. As for your Moth block, as with all your other blocks, it is stunning. It is good that you are a homebody, especially in these times. Those who are not are finding it very difficult to cope. I also think that us creative types will never be bored, as we always have something to occupy our imaginations and fingers.

  4. Another beautiful block, I love all the lovely staircases. I have pages published on my blog. I know I had to click something else to really publish them but I don't remember what. I won't be publishing a page until the end of the year so I can't tell you now. Remind me then if you remember. Can't wait to see how you quilt the trees! Happy stitching!

  5. I've emailed you a screen shot showing you how to make your pages show up on your blog. The moth block is fabulous -- I am identifying with the moth, drawn to the light no matter the cost. I am GREATLY looking forward to seeing how you will quilt those trees... And the wintry appliqué scene in your previous post is also captivating! Red blobs instead of cardinals? Hah! You are a magician with appliqué and embroidery, so nice that you can fall back on your super powers when the instructions don't work out for you! Also really enjoyed your staircases. I have a whole Pinterest board where I collect images of doors and windows, similar to your staircases -- beautiful and whimsical rather than purely functional, beckoning you and making you wonder where they lead. I suppose a psychologist would make some deep and unflattering analysis of why some people collect closed doors and others collect open stairways... Like maybe the staircase people see their dreams as readily available pathways to follow, and the closed door people imagine that there are barriers holding them back? I am totally making this up, by the way. ;-)

  6. Hi Pam, that is such a lovely block. Those staircases are amazing! I do have a few pages on my blog but I haven't created one since the new Blogger has shown up. You should be able to Publish like any other post. If you want to send me an email, I might be able to work it through with you. Take care.

  7. Your altered block is beautiful. I hope it finds a place in your layout without any trouble. Thanks for sharing the stairs, I enjoyed them all immensely. Thanks for linking to Clever Chameleon!

  8. Hello Pam,

    Your moths are really beautiful! Changing the design from the moon to a lantern was a really good idea. I think you have improved it! Also, I really love the colours you have used.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks. Your moths are this week's featured project!

    Love, Muv