Thursday, June 2, 2016


I am not sure how I feel about setting monthly goals.  Maybe I am a "just let it happen" kind of girl.  However, I have 3 exciting projects ahead of me after I finish stonefields.  So while I don't want to rush my current project-i want to savor it as I do with all my quilts-I am just drooling over the fabric and ideas to come.  Here is where we are with Stonefields so far:

I have 59 squares remaining on the top.  If I do 25 in June, 25 in July, and finish up in August, that would be very satisfactory.  My border will be very much simpler than the one in the original pattern so probably I can finish that in August also and begin in September with my Kate Spain fabric (yeah!) and the Sweet Surrender pattern (I hate that name for a pattern-they should have thought a bit longer on that topic).

So instead of one monthly goal, I have a three month goal.  As I say, I am not much on setting goals because a written goal can hinder creativity.  One gets so focused on the goal that the goal becomes the end and not the process.  But I am going to see how this goes. 

Another aspect to goal setting is its importance when quilting activity has to compete with motherhood, work, and the multitude of other activities that modern women deal with everyday.  Me-i'm retired and free as a bird and so don't have to eke out a corner of time to do something creative.  Just a thought!

I found backing fabric for my Caswell quilt.  it is Georgetown by Judie Rothermel.  this fabric captures the movement and the colors of my quilt plus the insects.  it is so pretty.

 Here is my Caswell against the background.  The lighting is so poor in this dark corner but it was the best I could do.

I usually just buy something plain and on sale as a backing but I love this quilt so much that I wanted something special for the backing.  I may work up the nerve to actually quilt it in December (goals!)

Here is the animal life out our cat TV:

You can see why Glossie Blossie is so entertained every day with the squirrels and the purple finches.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love that backing fabric!! Wonder where I could get a few yards of it here in Canada. I bought the Stonefileds pattern a year ago and h ave it in a project box with some older soft colour fabrics that I have been saving. I even located some hexies papers. One of these days.

  2. Your Stonefields quilt is going to be so fabulous, WHENEVER it is finished. I know what you mean about the goal setting. I feel like goals induce guilt more than they inspire creativity. I have goals for work that I need to get done, but then the stitchy things are my REWARDS for accomplishing those other goals! Finishing is overrated -- it's all about the journey!

  3. The backing for your Caswell quilt is perfect! And I love the Stonefields blocks. They are beautiful.

    I usually set an Oh My Gosh goal for a project I know I could finish within the time frame if I stay just a little focused instead of letting my mind/imagination jump to something else. Goal setting is not usually successful or a happy experience for me if I challenge myself to accomplish something I know is beyond my ability to complete. I hope your goal-setting experience is good for you this month, Pam.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  4. What a fabulous Stonefields you are making, love your colors. I'll come back to see more!

  5. The stonefield blocks look lovely.

  6. The Stonefields is looking good. Good luck with your goals.