Sunday, June 5, 2016


More Stonefields blocks.  These blocks are taken directly from the stonefields pattern.  That is not a really honeybee on the middle block.  I thought the flower looked kind of spare so I added the honeybee as a broderie perse. 

When I first completed this block, I used just yellow pieces but the block ended up looking kind of boring so I swapped half the yellow blocks for the same pattern in pink.  The hexies end up with the same architectural look but with variation.  I also added the border to help cheer it up.

Does anyone have any advice on how to sew hexies together without the thread wrapping around the other hexies until you want to pull your hair out?  No matter how I sew it, the thread wraps around another hexie so I have to stop, unwrap and curse.  I use 100 wt invisifil for applique so I am also dealing with very fine thread.  Help. Please!

I find that when I am creating a quilt choosing my own fabric mood and style that rather than a kit or set of fabrics determined by someone else that  I spend quite a bit of time auditioning different fabrics and sometimes will change them out even after I have completed the block as I did with the hexie above. Another instance is my house block:

On this block, I wish I had used a different color for the birdbath.  I may change it but that involves lifting the carefully stitched wing of the bird and having to re-embroider the daisy.  Not impossible but, once finished, it is hard to re-do something.  My reason for using that shade of brick red is because the blue of the sky is off from the aquas I am using and I thought the brick red would tie the block more into the general color mood.

Talk about a slow Sunday!  Here is my cat Yoshi zzzz-ing out in the backyard while overseen by a curious blue jay.

I don't talk much about Yoshi as he is an outdoor cat-really a backyard cat because he never leaves the yard.  He was an indoor cat but he bites.  I put up with it for a while feeling that I just needed to learn his signals.  But when he bit my check just below the eye, it was time for a change!  If you follow the blog "Fabric Therapy" you will know that Teresa's beloved cat Mr. Weasley bit her hand which became terribly infected and required an operation.  She could not use her hand for about 2 months and then underwent P.T. for a while.  A death knell for an appliquer!

So out he went.  I built a door flap into the garage so he could come and go.  He has a nice insulated house in the garage with a heated pad for winter so he does all right.  He is really a sweet, loving kitty.  Maybe he bites because he is declawed - NOT BY US.  Yoshi was a shelter cat my daughter adopted when at university.  He is rather happy being an outdoor cat-he chases the birds and squirrels and finds lots of nice places to sleep.  He has a couple cat friends he fights with now and then and a big stump which is his throne.

Happy quilting!

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Post Script on Monday:
I linked up with Gwennie Inspired Medallion Linky .  
This blog had the prettiest baskets so I decided to add my Caswell basket to the link. 

This quilt flimsy was finished shortly before I started to blog and is actually one of the reasons I wanted to blog.  I love this quilt pattern by Threadbear.  I have made lots of changes to it but it remains their quilt pattern.  Since I missed blogging about my WIP ups and downs I thought I would enter a block on each post so I could demonstrate the quilt.  So here is block one, the biggest block at 11x22.

Again, Happy quilting!


  1. Oh I love that pretty bee addition of yours! :)
    I am not sure what you mean about the hexies, unless it is when the thread catches on another piece ( same as in applique when it might catch on a pin or something? In that case just use a good curse word for a second :) Then tell the Lord that you are sorry :)

  2. I agree, the bee is a lovely addition to the flower. I also think the the border complement beautifully the hexies.
    When I sew hexies, I hold them with my left hand and try to keep all the work on my left so there's only the thread and my right hand on the right. The thread still catches something from time to time, though. But less often than if I let everything loose.
    I love your house block and find that the red birdbath suits perfectly the red flowers.
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good week!

  3. Pam, has something happened to your Gwen Medallion post? I don't see anything relevant here. Some mistake, maybe?

    1. Sorry Monica.....I corrected my mistake!!

  4. The Gwennie basket is very pretty :)

  5. Your block is beautiful. I just got the Caswell Quilt Pattern and it will be my project for next year. Hugs

  6. Wow! The detail on your birdbath block is incredible! You said you were terrified of fmq and I feel the same way about appliqué!(

  7. I love your basket...gorgeous and generous

  8. Hi, Pam! Thanks for coming to BOMs Away after I was gone for so long. Your stitching is so nice - the broidery perse pieces look fantastic.

  9. Your applique basket is exquisite - the details in the basket alone with the fabric placement is wonderful. I have the same issue with my thread getting wrapped and hooked around the hexies - hope someone can offer a suggestion. The pink and yellow combination works beautifully and your design flows around perfectly.

  10. Gorgeous basket, Pam. Glad you added it. LOL - in trying to find it I read a lot of your posts. Wonderful quilty candy all over the place.

  11. I just read through all your posts. So many things you said I find to be true...the stopping of a project and then struggling to capture that first enthusiasm back again. Like you I am retired and a lot of my time is my own to devote to my needlework. I have purchased the Stonefields patterns and will work up my nerve to get it started. I just finished Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt and feel I need a break from so many blocks. I am practicing my applique skills presently. I hope to follow you in your journey with your wonderful projects. Lovely stitching on all. Happy Stitching from Ottawa, Canada.

  12. I understand what you are saying about protecting your hands. I've had a surgery on my shoulder, which required many months of rehab to get going again. Now I have an elbow problem. All I want to do is stitch in peace... So, good choice making your dear kitty be an outside kitty! Your basket quilt is lovely!

  13. I understand what you are saying about protecting your hands. I've had a surgery on my shoulder, which required many months of rehab to get going again. Now I have an elbow problem. All I want to do is stitch in peace... So, good choice making your dear kitty be an outside kitty! Your basket quilt is lovely!