Sunday, April 30, 2017


An anniversary is a good time to look backwards to review how things have gone and to look forward expectantly to the future.

My first posts were about my terror of free motion quilting and how likely my use of it would ruin my beautiful appliqued quilts!  A healthy concern! My first posts also listed what I was then working on and my projects for the foreseeable future.  These included:

1.  Quilt Mountmellick.  Did that-completed-rather proud of the job after finishing!  I have done a lot of FMQ practice this year thru classes from Craftsy, thru Lori Kennedy, thru the Sit Down Free Motion Quilters blog and just on my own learning motifs,  quilting images and patterns, and just generally practicing.  My confidence level has really risen.

2. Quilt Caswell.  Didn't happen-put in next year's stack.  This is perhaps my favorite quilt I ever made so I did not want to rush into it. 
3.  Finish what at that time was a Stonefields quilt from a pattern by Susan Smith but morphed into the funnest quilt I have ever made--Chuck, Susan, and Me which incorporates blocks from Chuck Nohara, Susan Smith, and ones designed by me. I ended up making 144 blocks altogether.  the quilting process has begun.

4.  Make Sweet Surrender:  Been there, done that!  Got the gold medal!  Pattern and fabric:
Finished quilt:

5.  And last, Village quilt-not much progress on this quilt during the past year except for mental, invisible, but none the less, meaningful work.  This is a Yoko Saito pattern thru my favorite magazine, Quiltmania and my version in soft taupes.


1.  My first emphasis for this year will be to continue "perfecting" free motion quilting.  I am looking at a class by Judi Marsden on Iquilt.  She quilted a stunning version of Sweet Surrender so learning some techniques from her would be invaluable.  I also purchased two study books:

Margaret Gunn is, of course, a reknown quilter and her advice, pointers, and lessons will teach much.  I want to practice, practice, practice!

2.  Quilt these two babies.  Judi Marsden's version will be my model for SS and I have a couple of ideas for my Caswell.

3.  Finish quilting Chuck, Susan, and Me.  This is doable-I am having fun with it.

4.  Before the cold weather sets in again in the fall (we always keep the temps in the house a bit low so we don't hog the world's resources), put together and quilt Over and under.  Think about how to make it bigger than 60x60 so it is a good snuggle.

5.  Keep playing with fabric paints.  I recently purchased some Derwent Inktense pencils and WOW are these great!  I have a pattern to quilt in different colors (I think) and then paint.  This is a simple pattern with lots of room for different colors and ample spacing.

6.  Pull together the infamous Village quilt.  A photo of this project is above.  I want to dye some fabric in soft taupy colors of water, sky, grasses, rock walls, and stone walkways.  I want to do some embroidery on this quilt such as lots of flowers, some fish, definition of rock etc.  Lots of work to be done but I am feeling enthusiastic.

7.  Quiltmania does it to me every year!  They always manage to suck me into their world.  This year it is Yoko Saito's quilt Imaginary Garden.   Lovely!

This photo does not do it justice.  The quilt is a lovely combination of applique and embroidery.  I would do it in a palette full of soft colors and in a smaller size than the bed size quilt she has made.

OMG!  I'm exhausted!  
See you next week!

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  1. It's been a great anniversary celebration! Looking forward to what you will create this year!

  2. Such beautiful pieces! Congratulations on your first year! Looking forward to the year ahead.

  3. Love your Sweet Surrender. Who's pattern is that? Thanks

    1. Sweet Surrender pattern is by Sue Cody and you can order it from Material Obsession in Australia. The border was designed by me. The pattern has a more structured formal border.

  4. You have made some very beautiful and challenging quilt designs.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! And well done you on everything you have achieved especially the FMQ something I can see me never getting around to tackling. Looking forward to following your progress over the following year. xx

  6. Congrats on you blogging anniversary--fun to see past, present and future! I'm so tempted by Imaginary Garden--love it!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! All of these quilts are gorgeous! So very detailed.... love them! You should be very proud of your accomplishments!

  8. You have some amazingly beautiful quilts in the queue. I like that you finish what you start. You are a brave quilter and that makes all the difference. Congratulations on you blogiversary.

  9. Oh My! You have accomplished lots! Very nice work all of it. Plus the time put into your blog. Total empathy on free motion. I am considering purchasing a stitch regulator foot. Happy Anniversary!

  10. You've completed some truly amazing quilts - and I love your considerations for your next year of quilting! I look forward to following your fabulous journey!

  11. Happy Anniversary! It's been a great year! Looking forward to many more.

  12. What a joy to look through these wonderful quilts made by your hands, Pam. I love them all. I too have been sighing over Imaginary Garden.

  13. Pam, I love the retrospect - look how far you have come!! I just adore the Village, and that designer. I think that needs to go on my list. Happy blog Anniversary! ~smile~

  14. Oh my gosh Pam no wonder you are exhausted I am too from reading it all but my goodness what a lovely pile of treasures you have and will have. SO lovely to see Sweet surrender finished and I'm also in love all ready with Over and Under WOW thats going to be stunning. Been looking closely at your Chuck Susan and me quilt so many lovely, adorable and fun blocks there. Hope you manage to add a little more to your village quilt by Yoko such lovely fabrics you are using there. Finally best of luck with Imaginary Garden you will need lots of time and patience for that one but it will a beautiful piece of art for sure I do like patchwork and embroidery in quilts. Thanks for a great read like a magazine full of exciting interesting things on each page LOL Cheers Glenda

  15. You've created a lot in only a year! Looks like you're set to do it all again, too.

  16. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.