Sunday, April 23, 2017


Sweet Surrender flimsy is finished! and ready to be a sandwich to be quilted.  The name of this quilt is not yet finalized-it will be "The Song of ???" or "Music of???".  Maybe "Singing of Spring".  The background is like a music staff with whole notes and the vines look like music.  

Commonly, this quilt is made with red at the bottoms of the pieced triangles.  My motif or mood ideas using green/teal instead was to encourage the feel of growing things in spring.  You can even look at the pieced triangles as abstract flowers with growing from a green base.  The green/teal was intended as a grounding basis for all the colors.

So you can have a closer look, here are the four corners.

I washed the flimsy to remove glue and markings.  I was worried about bleeding with all this brightly colored fabric.  Fortunately, only one item bled and that was the purple/turquoise circle in the lower left corner which bled a bluish color.  It is a small bled so I think I will just remove that circle and stitch down a larger one which covers the bleed.

You can see that most the dots are actually flowers cut from Kaffe Fasset fabric. So the vines have leaves and flowers growing on them.

I have ordered the white batting and already have the backing so I am very happy about the progress of this quilt which I now love in a way I never thought I would given the trouble, headaches, and misery it has caused me.


I have also been quilting Chuck, Susan, and Me this week.  This is a relaxing occupation and fun thinking up quilting patterns to use.  Since each block is 6 inches square and some are densely appliqued, only a simple outline of the motifs is necessary.  With some of the blocks one can have more fun.  Here are some samples:

If you looks at this last one, you will see I quilted in some invisible flowers on one and grasses on the other. 

This quilt is quilted in 4 sections plus the border.  I did this to have ease in complicated quilting.  One thing I have learned is to leave the outer blocks, that is the ones which will connect to other blocks, unquilted.  Otherwise joining the pieces together will be a major nightmare.

I am back to feeling my old perky, pesky self.  I miss me when I'm gone.  Thank you my readers for your kind regards and wishes for my good health.


I love fun fashion and these two dresses are petal perfect!

The dresses were designed by New Zealand artist Jenny Gellies.

That's all for this week.  Happy quilting until we met again!

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  1. Your sweet suffering resulted in a beautiful quilt. The teal was a perfect choice for the bottom triangles. It definitely give your quilt a fresh spring look. Congrats on the finished top.

  2. Perhaps 'Deliverance Dance'? You have worked mighty hard to complete this project. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

  3. Sweet Surrender (soon to have another nam) looks great. I am glad you are happy with how well it turned out.

  4. Sweet Surrender is a beauty with all that wonderful applique.

  5. This is such a beautiful quilt, wonderful stitching!

  6. Congrats on the completion of your wonderful flimsy.

    I'd never thought of washing a quilt top before. Do you hand wash it? Or, if it's machine washed, how do you prevent the edge from fraying?

    I look forward to seeing how you plan to quilt it.

  7. Congratulations on your flimsy! You have worked so long and hard on it. And it is stunnin!

  8. So glad you are feeling better Pam. Sweet Surrender looks amazing - congratulations on finishing the top. Great fun quilting on CS&M and I love those dresses! xx

  9. Gorgeous quilts! I love the dresses too... would have been perfect for Easter! :-)

  10. Congratulations on finishing your gorgeous quilt top! It was worth all the suffering!
    So glad you didn't have many problems with bleeding!

  11. So glad you have your perk back. :) I just can't get over how pretty this is, and how quickly you got the border flowers and berries and leaves appliqued on! I like it much better in your teal colorway than a red, and just now realize that the background fabric is the same as the white rings fabric in the commission quilt I'm almost finished with! lol :) Fun coincidence.

  12. Such a beautiful quilt top. Such wonderful colors and I love that background!

  13. Two magnificent tops! Love those flower dresses. Reminding me of my elementary school days when we had to dress up as a flower for our square dance routine.

  14. Wow. Lovely to see your quilt top completed! Such a great feeling, and what a masterpiece. I'm sure you'll have fun quilting this one.

  15. Oh, I think this is just beautiful! You did a fabulous job on it. ~smile~

  16. I think your Surrender is very Sweet indeed! Lovely journey through it too. I love to see your quilting. These projects are so worth any of the headaches along the way. Dare I ask, what's next?

  17. All your hard work has come to fruition, and it is well worth the effort. Absolutely stunning! Flower song is a nice name which fits in with your theme. I'm glad you are feeling better, is it like looking through sparkling clean windows now?

  18. Gosh, you do amazing appliqué work! You inspire me!

  19. Congratulations on finishing the Sweet Surrender top. Such beautiful work!

  20. As we live in the lower Southwest, we'll pretty much be deprived of the eclipse. What an awesome photo of that guest house. Thanks for sharing it.


  21. Pretty projects,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !