Monday, May 23, 2016

I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO ADMIRES THE NEW FABRICS........Blossom has such good taste!

As I said last post, I have been working more on the Stonefields blocks.  I am getting back into the rhythm for which I am very thankful.  I wanted to proceed with it but I did not want it to be a chore, a duty.  Quilting, especially applique, is a delightful voyage of texture, design, and color.  Here are my latest blocks:

The rose broderie perse block is my favorite of this crops blocks.  It is composed of seven pieces from a 10" layer cake piece from French General Pom Pom de Paris.  

I include the house again as I am still working on it. I think I have come up with an interesting idea for it. Do you ever visit the blog "Cat Patches"  Her cats live full lives which Barb documents through photos and extrasensory cat perception.  (She can read their minds). She also quilts and does photography as a side line.

She does a lot of embroidery also.  She was embroidering some vining flowers on an edge of a block which made me think of embroidering some trailing roses for my house.  I have a wonderful book on embroidering flowers which I will show you when the block is completed.

So you can get a sense of perspective on the stonefields progress,  I enclose a photo of work so far.  I had to move this project to the big design wall as it had outgrown the 60x60 one.  The newer blocks are on the right.  By my calculations on the finished quilt, I need 54 more blocks to have the top completed. 

The sides of the quilt will be much simpler than what is called for in the original stonefields.  I love hexies but I know myself and I would never be able to complete hundreds she requires.  Ditto the flying geese.  The end product of my piecing skills never measures up (literally) no matter how careful I am.  Some of the pieced blocks you see below I had to redo 3 times before they fully measured 6.5x6.5

Here is Petra Prins beautiful and faithful version of Susan Smiths Stonefields for those of you who are not familiar with the pattern: 

Here is the link if you want to view it more closely:  You can see some of my blocks match Susans pattern and some are my tangent.

We are off to Kansas City tomorrow where I will visit a couple of my favorite quilt shops.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love your blocks! So pretty!!

  2. Very pretty! Love your color and fabric choices

  3. Hey Pam,
    Lovely , lovely work!! So enjoying your blog!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous blocks. The roses are gorgeous, but I really like the plans for your house block. Barbara is such a source of inspiration, she always has cool projects going for her catty quilt inspectors to comment on.

  5. Your blocks are just beautiful. I had to laugh at your kitty. If I so much as put a piece of new paper on the table mine must come and sit on it for a bit. :)

  6. Your blocks are wonderful. That will be such a lovely quilt.

  7. This is lovely - going to be a stunning quilt.

  8. Love your version - those blocks are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them on Main Crush Monday! Applique is something I am just becoming comfortable with - I hope to do much more in the future.

  9. The stonefield quilt looks like quite an undertaking! Looks great so far!

  10. These blocks are gorgeous! I love the gentle palette with those tiny touches of brown! It's going to be a very special quilt.

  11. WHat an amazing quilt pattern you are making! I haven't seen it before... so much stitching! Enjoy making your blocks!