Friday, May 13, 2016

Where's my mojo? When is it coming back?

This is what happens when I stop working on a project for a while and then try to return to it.  I stopped working on Stonefields for about a month to set up my blog and to quilt Mountmellick.  Now I have quilters block and, while I have made some blocks, I can 't work up too much enthusiasm. What do you think?

The two I like best are these which are based on blocks from Chuck Nohara's book 2001 Nouveaux Blocs de Patchwork.

This is a very fun book.  Chuck explores lots of  the different types of blocks from applique to log cabin to circles to wedding rings and hexagons.  I mean, 2001 blocks covers a lot of ground.

Here are some photos of her book so you can get

a better idea.  Here are appliqued flowers and below are some pieced blocks and wreathes.  I am going to include the block of three flowers at the bottom middle in my quilt.

You can buy the book thru Quiltmania's site.

Anyway, back to my life problems: quilters block! Not the square kind!  Its the lack of focus kind.  I think the blocks I made are okay but I am just not "feeling it" and have to force myself.  This is why I rarely stop one project and work on another.  I get lost in a muddle.  However, I will keep on it and know my memory of this quilt will return to help me out.

In part, I lose memory of the fabrics for the quilt.  They are kept in labelled boxes by "major" color and it is easy to forget what is in the boxes and what matches were planned.  Ask any appliquer and they will tell you that you pretty much have to memorize the fabric you plan on using so it is always in mind.

Here is Blossom taking in the rays.  This is where we hang out most the time.  That's my worktable in the forefront.


Here is a photo of the Baltimore Oriole come to visit.  He will only stay about a week but he is so pretty!  Also in the photo is a blackbird, 2 ring neck doves and two ordinary sparrows.

Happy quilting to you!  I hope to me too!


  1. I like what you have so far. I think the birds need an animal or bird friend in another block so they aren't the lone animals. Not sure how many blocks you planned to make.
    I always keep all my fabrics for a project in one box so I don't use them up elsewhere. That doesn't mean I never raid the project box. It just keeps me honest when I do.

  2. I completely understand about the trouble moving from one project to another, Pam. I can do it sometimes but generally I find it hard to keep "switching gears" and moving my focus from one project/quilt to another. I know lots of quilters who can do it but it doesn't work very well for me.

    I hope you're able to gather some enthusiasm again soon. Your blocks are beautiful!

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  3. The birds are so sweet and expressive - love their eyes. Not aware of this book - the blocks are intriguing with their unique look. I have found that sometimes my machine calls to me from neglect if a lot of hand work is going on. It gives a nice break to do machine piecing for awhile so there are numerous projects in the works at all times with different techniques and looks. The only drawback is my sewing room is in constant upheaval which then starts to work on my mind - so I stop for awhile, reorganize, straighten and - yikes!!! - make new discoveries. Such is the life of a quilter:-)

  4. Oh, wow. I LOVE your blocks so far! Especially the birds! And your fabrics are just perfect. I hope your mojo returns to you so I can see more of this quilt! But I know what you mean. When I set something aside and come back to it, I have this brain fog where I can't remember the basics like which techniques I was using, which machine settings, etc., and I have to reinvent the wheel.

  5. Beautiful blocks! I often have trouble starting a new project, I have to be sure that I've got the right fabrics for the pattern. But once I get that far, I'm typically good. It's frustrating to be stuck. Hope inspiration strikes soon.

  6. Your blocks are great. Sometimes I find if I lay them out on a table or my bed and look at them several times during the day I will get the "feel" back and off I go again.

  7. It must be this Late spring--it is too cold to go out and dig in the earth here as yet--so, am reading garden books, a bit of this and that--maybe we all need a Spring Tonic" hugs, Julierose

  8. It's very easy to loose your "mojo" on a project, but I find that if I force myself to work on a project that I'm just not feeling, then I end up making major mistakes. Sometimes I don't fully pack away such a project, but leave it at least half way out in my work space where I see if every time I pass by. Usually after seeing it over and over, my mojo eventually comes back. What really helps me is to take pictures of a fabric pull or other things that are inspiring me for the project so I don't forget... quite easy with phones these days. Good luck getting back into the swing of things!

    Greetings from Germany!

  9. G'day from Melbourne,
    Love your appliqué birds - they look SO guilty!
    Cheers Wendy

  10. Your Stonefields blocks are oh so pretty. Especially the birds.