Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I guess this is a pink week.  Sure looks like it!  The house block is not finished as you can see.  For one, the 2 birds are not definite enough-they do no show up.  And second, I think I have to rearrange the roses better.  I want to give the impression of climbing roses.  The house in the fabric looks amazing like my house only without the pretty stream and the lovely landscaping.  Here is the fabric with other bird possibilities:

The birds on the blue fabric will be much better.  However, the borderie perse will have to be done carefully so there is as little blue as possible.  This blue fabric has sentimental value to me as it is from the first quilt I ever made.

Do you want a helpful quilting tip?

I thought of this (tho it is probably out there already) when I was quilting Mountmellick.  There were several narrow areas to be quilted.  Quilters say to draw, draw, draw so your fingers have muscle memory and will be able to do your quilting bidding.  It is difficult to practice some areas as they aren't amenable to being practiced.  So my solution was to drag the quilt to the printer/copier and print out the troublesome area.  
  I drew and redrew on the troublesome areas until I felt I could comfortably proceed with the real thing. It was easy because I could erase and redraw and then trace what I had drawn.

On another note......I could not figure out why Blossom was adding a nice layer of plumpness on her furry body.  Then I busted Kitty on the stove licking the iron skillet.  I had lightly sauteed some salmon in the skillet and she was enjoying the salmon crumbles and the olive oil.  I explained to Kitty that this was was wrong on so many levels.  I was wondering why she was plumping out just eating her regular rations!  So self satisfied!

I didn't say you could take my picture.  And comment on my person.  Humph!

A Bewick's wren was attracted to the bird feeder this morning.  She is nibbling on the bits of sunflower seed on the ground.  

 Wrens are some of my favorites with their hoppity and their turned up tail.

Happy quilting to you!


  1. Your blocks are beautiful, Pam! I especially love the one on the top right. I know what you mean about special fabric scraps from quilts made long ago. Everything is connected to everything else!

  2. What a loveley Stonefield and also your other quilts.Welcome in the blog-world.

  3. Your blocks are just beautiful. They are so carefully cut and stitched. That little wren is adorable. I love their little up-turned tails. They always seem such happy birds.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  4. Hi Pam
    How beautiful, your Stonefields blocks!!!!!

  5. Your Stonefields blocks are beautiful. I am really tempted by this project but still resisting so far.

    1. Yes, it is a time commitment but worth it in the end. I am not going to make her borders of flying geese (I know my limitations in piecing) or the cute hexagons. I am working up something else.

      What are you working on?