Sunday, November 20, 2016


Our anniversary was a lovely day.  There were record warm temperatures of 77 degrees which at this time of the year can bode ill tidings.  A harsh winter storm to our north brought up gusty southern winds which blew so strongly picking up all the beautiful fallen leaves and swirling the up into the air in whirls.  The sky was a beautiful sunny blue.  For our anniversary dinner we went to a unique and lovely restaurant by the lake and and had a very sweet time.  

I have done some good work this week both in finishing all the appliqued triangles for Salty Sourmash (Sweet Surrender).  Juki came home better than ever and we worked on some free motion quilting.  My photography skills are improving as you will see and Microsoft (I guess) has downloaded a wonderful new photo finishing program into my laptop.  Who knows where it came from or how it got there but it is niiiicccee!! to work with.

Here are the five triangles I appliqued this week.  They are also the last so I have finished the applique on this quilt until I begin the border.


I added some flowers I designed in this last set of appliques.  I felt there were too many repeats of one particular flower motif.  I also changed the stem layout on a couple.  For the most part though, I have been faithful to the pattern.  I think it is a charmer with its whimsical flowers and twisty stems against the rigidity of triangular and diamond shapes which will also show up again in the border.  Next week I will work on the pieced diamonds.

Here  is the entire project so far:


I am so happy to have Juki home again.  We have been practicing our FMQ and we feel we are really getting a handle on it.  I have been using a sketch book to draw out a new pattern over and over until I feel familiar with it.  Then I try out my skill on a practice piece.  If that goes well, I FMQ the pattern on my sampler.  Lately I have been following Lori Kennedy's sunflower sampler.  (   I am behind others in the group  because Juki was taking in the sun in San Diego for a while but here is what I have so far:

I am seeing so much improvement in our FMQ skills both in understanding how the motifs work and in translating them to thread and fabric.


We had a goshawk in the back yard a couple days ago.  He landed in the leafless walnut tree, spent some time searching around, considered some squirrels (the birds made themselves scarce), and finally saw a small snake some distance away.  He majestically flew across the yard, radiating strength and grace, landing near our patio gathering up a small snake.  Here is a photo of said goshawk completing his meal.

Here are a couple more shots of this predator.

My camera is so cool!.. The goshawk was about 35 yards away all the way to the back of the yard.  These photos were at max telephoto.

Here is a photo of one of our beautiful fall trees:

And here is our outdoor cat Yoshi.  He may be a biter but he does the slow blink better than any I who has ever lived with me.

And lastly here a couple of other furry neighbors: 

These two photos as well as the goshawk photo were taken through the double pane, cat tv window which looks out over our back yard.  The texture of the bark and feathery tails of the squirrels is amazing.  That is some camera I have!

I have had some comments from followers who ask if I experienced culture shock when I moved from Berkeley to back to beyond rural Missouri.  I did and also we only knew each other for 2 weeks before we married.  Maybe I will tell that story next week.  In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy T-bird day!


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  1. This quilt is so gorgeous! It is a work of art.

  2. How pretty with the pieced diamond sections.

  3. Thank you for sharing the hawk pics - sooo cool.

    1. I thought the hawk was just amazing and was so happy that my camera could capture it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I would respond personally except you are a no reply blogger so I have not way. Thanks again!

  4. She's looking beautiful. You are making such fast progress. I'll get my triangles pieces sometime. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. This quilt just keeps on getting more and more beautiful. Your work is amazing, Pam. So happy you like your camera...I am investigating it for purchase.

  6. Love the little blue bells. The quilt will be so bright and happy. Greetings

    1. Thank you "little fingers" for your happy encouragement. Thanks visiting!

  7. Many congratulations on your anniversary. I love all your applique and it is looking so beautiful all together like that. Great work on the fmq and beautiful photographs from your garden - amazing camera indeed! And operator! What make is it? I haope you have a great week. xx

  8. Love seeing your progress on this quilt - your color palette is unfolding like all the flowers - and so enjoying your life stories! I well remember Berkley - my husband's Aunt lived there and I visited with her. You and I share a similar background of moving from a large metropolitan area to a quiet rural environment. Growing up in Washington, DC/Northern Virginia is a very far cry from where we are now and I could never go back. But I do treasure childhoods at the Smithsonian, going to the Library of Congress with my Dad and eventually working "downtown"
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  9. First of all, happy anniversary! I enjoyed seeing the applique progress as well as the great nature captures! :)

  10. Happy 43rd! I love living in the country! NO NEIGHBORS. Although it does take long to find a quilt store and doctors (the fun thing to do after retirement - LOL). Your blocks are really pretty!.

  11. Happy anniversary! Your applique blocks are gorgeous! This quilt is going to be stunning!

  12. Happy Anniversary!
    Love your latest blocks - especially those fussy cut hexagon flowers - wow!
    Such beautiful wildlife pictures.
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Happy, happy anniversary! I am so loving your project!! Your use of fabric really makes the blossoms sing. I love them all, but the bloom that looked like peppermints really grabbed me this morning. I am so glad that you got your machine back in working order!

  14. Happy anniversary! Your blocks are lovely. I really like the little dots tucked in among the flowers. Congrats on having your Juki back!

  15. Happy Anniversary! very beautiful quilt.

  16. Your appliqué astounds me! Those skinny stems are amazing and your color combinations are so pretty.

  17. Hi Pam, I am new to your blog, thanks to Lin from St Victor Quilts.
    I love your applique, will come back soon to have another look :-)
    PS I do not re-visit my comments, so please, if you answer this, do it via my email; thank you!