Sunday, November 13, 2016

In Which We Try To Move On..... 

Applique Paintbox received visits from three new countries this week:  United Arab Emirates, Estonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  This reminds me of what I love so much about the internet and quilt blogging.  No matter the country, be it the USA or one of the 196 other countries, we are all connected.  We all want and love the same things.  My husband who plays internet chess has the same felling of inter-connectedness with the bigger world.
I was born and raised in California in the San Francisco bay area, and began studies in design and art history at the University at Berkeley in the 1960's.  Now I live in the back of beyond in rural Missouri.  Two diametrically opposed positions.  I have a foot in both camps.  I yearn for my lively diverse, culturally open, forward and outward looking coastal home.  Yet I live in the heartland of the US where people feel left out, left behind, betrayed by increasing globality.   Anger focuses on "otherness" be it racial, political, marital, or fear of foreigners.  

The best we can do is try to understand what is behind people' s thinking.  Change is inevitable especially with increasing automation.  But how we deal with change is up to us all.  Let us hope we can face change with love and understand that people are all the same and, at heart,  want the same things for their families and themselves.  Teresa Rawson's blog post of 11-12 at is  the most moving summation of this week. She is a wonderful writer as well as quilter.  Her sense of loss and letting go made me weep.

Personally, I have had a hard week.  I could not work for several days but, after reading some of my best-beloved bloggers, began again.  I would say I began  again with a vengeance but, while I have had new ideas and concepts spring up, vengeance would misrepresent my feelings.  I am not motivated by feelings of revenge but rather with hope that art, which is all I can do, can bring more love, beauty, and happiness into the world, and make us realize we are all the same.

Let us hope the best for 11/9.


Lets move on the what all of us quilt bloggers care about: quilting!!

Here is some work I have completed since last we met:

You can see I have completed 4 of the large diamond triangles and the 4 appliqued half triangles for the edges.  There will also be 6 half triangles made up of one half of the large diamond triangles.  Here are closeups of the small appliques. 

For fun and to be different, I did some broderie perse using the peacocks on one side and a butterfly and worm on the other. 

I have also begun work on the last 5 appliqued triangles but they are only basted and may be changed here and there.  

The final score for is an A++.  I can recommend them as having good customer service.  My Juki has been repaired and renewed and will be home on tomorrow, Monday.  Apparently a whole nest of thread had wrapped around the wheel.  They adjusted the tension and the timing so looks good!  I am so excited to have my Juki back and resume fmq practice.

Well, another week in front of us as we slowly come to grips with a potential new world.  Do some quilting or sewing or whatever makes you happy and don't read any more news articles.


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  1. This quilt is so beautiful. I love the colors and the details!

  2. I love seeing this quilt grow :)

    I always see the grey area ( which I suppose would be what you are referring to ...both sides :)

    I think that we quilters are blessed. We can sit and stitch and talk to God or ourselves or pray as we stitch and somehow sew our cares for our country into our work.

    1. Deb-yes, it is wonderful we have this outlet to stitch our cares and concerns. I have visited your blog and find your frugal little bungalow to be just charming. What is it about smaller spaces that appeal to us? You have decorated the interior in a lovely manner-just so appropriate and friendly. It is interesting that one could have ordered a house from Sears one hundred years ago, then have all the parts arrive, and assemble the house! Not your basic IKEA.

  3. This is turning into an absolutely stunning quilt. It is so colorful and bright. I'm enjoying seeing it grow each week.

  4. Glad you are happy with sewing machine repair company. Very clever use of broderie perse.

  5. Just love the peacocks and the caterpiller. Greetings

  6. Lovely work, as always. You amaze me with how much you get done. What an adjustment to go from San Francisco and Berkeley to rural Missouri!

  7. You do such beautiful work! Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. The more I see of your quilt, the more I am thinking I should purchase some Kaffe Fasset to make this quilt (already have the pattern). Yours will be such a striking quilt and so different from the others I have seen - mostly because of the background fabric. Have a great day - it is a new week and closer to the holidays!

  9. This is simply gorgeous. I am enjoying watching your progress!

  10. Your work is so inspiring! I love the wee peacock birdie...had a runaway from the Birmingham, AL zoo as a pet when I was in high school, so they are a particular favorite! Your workmanship is so perfect and the fabric choices are incredible. Thank you for the blog shout out, but I hope you don't regret being associated with me...I had a couple of really ugly comments when I woke up this morning...not a thing that is nice to wake up to when you are already struggling emotionally. Thank goodness for your lovely blog to visit and ponder to take the bad taste out of my mouth and chase the tears away! I have seen a few versions of this quilt around the virtual world and I am loving your choices the best! Stitch on!!!!!

  11. I love your Sweet Surrender! You make almost want to get mine out and get started on it again, almost but not entirely. I'm focusing on appliqueing my Pastor's Attic quilt blocks. Once that quilt is a flimsy, I'll get back to Sweet Surrender. Blessings, Gretchen

  12. Beautiful progress on your diamond triangles and half triangle applique' blocks.
    And I just LOVE the broderie perse bird, butterfly and catapillar!
    This is such a wonderfully cheerful quilt.

  13. Gorgeous progress! Thanks for linking up with Moving it Forward.

  14. Beautiful applique, it will be stunning when it's finished!

  15. Very pretty! I love the little critters, especially the butterflies. Cute touch!

  16. Such happy, sunfilled colors - they will lift the spirits - wishing you hours of peaceful piecing.

  17. These blocks are so bright and cheerful, Pam, and your applique looks perfect (of course!). I am always amazed at your skill.

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