Sunday, November 27, 2016


I know the sun will not do its solstice thing for another 22 days or so but, to me, winter begins just after Thanksgiving.  It is grey outside and the leaves which remain on the trees are shivering with the cold.  The squirrels have tucked away all the walnuts and other edibles.  And the landscape is taking on its stark, dramatic winter hues and outlines.

When I was gainfully employed I had a commute of about 35 minutes.  This was my favorite part of the day travelling through rural Missouri. At first the road was straight, running between corn, soy, and hay fields.  And then the road turned into a twisty hilly ride.  Each season was different.  Sometimes ice would cling to the barb wire fences and glitter in the sun like row upon row of diamonds.  Sometimes the new born calves would caper with each other over bright green fresh grass.  Sometimes the trees would be leafless and stark against the blue sky so dramatic with their dark twisting limbs and accented by dull orange and gold of winter.  That is the season we are now-beautiful in a remote, unfriendly way.

Last week was busy for me as it was for most women.  Aside from preparing the usual T-Day fare, I had to spend a day in Kansas city at the dentist dealing with a cracked and broken molar.  I have fragile teeth. On the day after Thanksgiving we had a lovely luncheon (I have to call it that and not simply lunch but because it was such a special time) where we saw friends we had not seen for awhile as well as other close friends.  A delicious meal was prepared for us and we enjoyed a lot of good conversation and reminiscences. My contribution was a french silk pie which promptly fell on its head before serving but was just fine after I rearranged the whipped cream back into order.  Luckily it was still covered in saran wrap!

So, all in all, I, like most, did not get a lot done work-wise. I completed a couple of the pieced triangles for Sweet Surrender.

After some thought and practice, I have decided to make these using the epp method.  I have worked out some angles to make it easier and this helps a great deal.  My main aid has been to use a clip to keep the two pieces together while I stitch.

The clip is very sturdy and holds the two pieces firmly in place while I stitch up to the clip and then remove it to finish.  This seems to be working very well.  This method also keeps everything out of the way of my right hand as it tries to stitch.  

Here is what the back of the pieced triangle looks like after it is stitched together: 

Two of the diamond epp have fallen out.  The next big hurdle with this quilt will be to stitch the pieced triangles and the appliqued triangles together.  All those biases-this has the potential to swoop and swagger.  I hope that does not become its new name:  Swopey swagger!

Free motion quilting?  check! did that.
I finished Lori Kennedy's Sunflower Sampler

I am exceedingly proud of this sampler-not because it is so great or anything but because I am beginning to understand how FMQ patterns are created and to be able to translate this knowledge into thread and fabric.  Here are some closeups:

All the patterns I choose were from Lori's FMQ tutorials (these are great!).  Some differ from those she put on her version but they are all from here tutorials.

This blog was visited by a lovely lady in Oman this week.  I always wonder about my visitors and what their life is like:  what will they cook for dinner, how are they dressed, what their home looks like, how the weather is affecting them, have their children been naughty.

I hope you get to do what makes you happy this week!!

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  1. Your fabrics are fabulous! I love seeing this quilt come along.

  2. Wish we lived closer...we could work on our respective diamond projects together. I agree the little clips really do help. Your FMQ is really lovely - my sampler from a October workshop needs attention or I will forget everything taught!

  3. I was going to ask what your secret was to piecing those diamonds. My friend and I went all the way to Mineola, Texas, to take a class at Stitchin Heaven. I had the hardest time trying to piece the diamonds in the pattern. When I got home I just chucked the whole mess into a closet. Now I may reconsider doing it with EPP.

  4. Your free motion quilting is looking fabulous--I think you've got it nailed. Good thing you were able to save that pie!!

  5. Hi Pam. I knew the EPP would have been the way to go with the issues that I have been told about measurement problems with the pattern. It would be a horrible mess with this pattern. I never received anymore correspondence from Susanne Cody. I am going to EPP my diamond triangles first then the applique triangles. It will be an interesting journey makes my this quilt! Think the EPP would be better than foundation paper.

  6. Correction "it will be an interesting journey in making this quilt". Good old auto spell!!!

  7. Your sunflower is amazing! Well done, How big is it? Your EPP is looking very neat and good - I use a little Clover clip to hold my patches together too. Have you glued your templates in or used freezer paper?
    I used to enjoy driving across the Somerset Levels to work in the Autumn - the mists made beautiful layers, there would be swans on the river - or flooded fields - and it was all just beautiful. Have a great week. xx

  8. Your diamonds are such fun. One of those blocks is on my to do list, but I haven't worked up the nerve to try one yet. Beautiful free motion quilting on your sunflower block! Hope you have an amazing holiday season. Seems like yours got off to a good start.

  9. What a wonderful idea to EPP those triangle blocks. They are looking beautiful!
    Your free motion quilting project turned out fabulous! Your stitch work is wonderful.
    Happy to hear your pie was rescued and your time spent with friends was delightful.
    These times make for the very best memories of all!

  10. The machine quilting is breath-taking. I like your idea about using a strong clip to keep the epp pieces together while you stitch. I'll have to remember that when I get my hexies out again.

  11. I'm in awe of those who can do such beautiful FMQ - congratulations!!!

  12. Incredible work on your FMQ. EPP seems to be working well on those fiddler little triangles...good choice.

  13. This is a wonderful FMQ piece of work to be proud of. I usually hand quilt and the most machine work I've ever done is simple...on pillows or a table runner. One of these days I'd like to learn more :)

  14. Pam, you so impress me. Those EPP triangles are beauties and your stitching will be perfect, no fear any swaying. You should be proud of your FMQ; immaculate and lovely. Ok I'll stop now because I've run out of adjectives for this comment!

  15. Your quilting is so lovely! Freemotion? Wow! I'm impressed! I love your EPP - but then I'm partial to anything EPP! Do I spy some of Kate Spain's Daydreams in there? Loved that line! :)

  16. Beautiful EPP diamonds!
    Thanks for sharing with the Slow Sunday Stitchers!