Sunday, March 26, 2017



Then I will work on leaves and some dots-I don't think too many are needed-just enough to make it interesting.  And then the quilting.  I choose this fabric for the backing:

The circles are 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.  It is a fun fabric and will mix nicely with the quilt given the black and white background and modern look.  I searched high and low for a white with a black scroll look but could not find it in a wide backing.  I felt an unseamed piece of fabric would be best for this quilt.  Given this quilt's tendencies toward bias and waffles, I wanted as much stability as possible and a solid piece of fabric seemed to fit.

There is not a lot to say about this quilt that I haven't said before so I am going to move on to:


Cataract surgery is a modern miracle!  I was in and out in an hour so it was fast also!  My husband puts eye drops in my eye 4 times a day and that is the only inconvenience.  

The most interesting thing is the difference between my two eyes.  Through the left eye, I see a world colored with a yellow glow.  There is no pure white with this eye but only a pale creamy color to stand in for white.  Vision is rather like watching a sepia toned movie but with yellow tones instead of browns.

The right eye sees pure light!  This must be how children see the world.  It is very amusing to switch back and forth between the eyes to have  different colored worlds! Though the left eye will be re-lensed soon and I will lose the ability to have dual vision.


I love this photo!  My daughter is the one holding the dog while riding on her friend's scooter.  Her main focus is writing and studying yoga but she also tutors ESL, helps other writers with translations, and teaches sutras.  She also does humanitarian work with impoverished children and, as seen in the above photo, helps dogs.  She and her friend find the dogs and then take them for neutering and inoculations to keep down populations and improve their lives.

She says one has to be on alert when walking with shopping bags.  There are monkeys hanging out on the streets who will leap on your shoulders and head, grab the sunglasses or scarf off your head and run off.  The monkeys then proceed to bargain, offering to trade your purloined possession for perhaps a banana from your shopping bag.  They are true to their word and will return your possession after this bit of blackmail.  

AND NOW........

Wonderful additions to your stroll through town:
Before and After

That's all for this week.  Happy quilting to you until we met again!

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  1. What a fun post... loved seeing another applique border finished!

  2. The applique on your quilt is absolutely gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the street art - its just stunning.

  3. Perfect backing for this beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing about your daughter.

  4. I am sitting here cleaning my glasses so I can read without smudges and you are recovering from eye surgery. Get better soon. I have to chuckle about your pictures. I was in India in October and am packing my bags to go to Poland for Easter. I Love what you have done with the scroll thingies on the borders.

  5. You'll be done in no time. Yes, the cataract surgery is a miracle. I can see better than I've ever done in the last 50 years. What threw me was I was nearsighted for those 50 years and now I'm far sighted. Takes adjusting that's for sure especially as I was so use to doing close work without glasses.

  6. Modern cataract surgery is quite amazing!! And to think people once had to be flat in bed for a week afterward!!! Your quilt is a masterpiece and your choice of backing is dead on. What a lovely and adventurous daughter!

  7. Is Sweet Surrender your own design? It is gorgeous! Your work is just beautiful. I love the Zen photos at the end. They truly look like 3D buildings.

  8. That mural is amazing! I like your backing fabric--perfect for your fun quilt. I had my cataract surgery last November and it really is a shock when you get the first eye done. My hubby said it best after his first eye was done--"one eye is like Gotham City and the other is like Disneyland"--lol!

  9. love your quilt! glad the cataract surgery worked for you - I had complications with mine and my vision is worse than it had been - but luckily I only had one eye that had needed the surgery so the other is still ok - I will still always need glasses.

  10. Your quilt is amazing! Beautiful work! May your eye soon be feeling much better after your surgery. I know it can be sensitive for a few days. Keep up with the drops as they help the healing process a lot. Modern cataract surgery is indeed a miracle. I have had both eyes done and have also had "clean-up laser procedures in both eyes to remove membranes that grow around the edges of the new lens. This is even faster and less invasive than the lens surgery. I do also wear prescription glasses to help with my near vision. It is wonderful to have that clear light vision again. Enjoy! ... :) Pat

  11. Hooray for your new eye! It reminds me of one of my mom's friends who was known for wearing bright, tropical colors. She woke up after her cataract surgery and was shocked by her own closet. "Why didn't you tell me I dressed so garishly?!" she asked everyone. The colors she saw were much softer and reality was more than she bargained for :)

  12. Glad your surgery went well. Fun to hear about your daughter and the monkeys. Your quilt looks great!

  13. Congenital cataracts run in my family and those who have had the dirty yellow lens removed all have the same pleasure of seeing true color. Your quilt looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing about your daughter and her adventures and work. Amazing street art.

  14. Thanks for the inspiration and link to the Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi Hug

  15. No way with the monkeys!!! lolol And, ahhhh, the French and their trompe l'oeil - what wonderful transformations. And: Your quilt is so close now~! Perfect backing fabric there.

  16. Congrats on the new eye and good luck on the left! Your borders are so pretty. I agree that they shouldn't need too many additions, but I can't wait to see what they'll look like finished! Thanks for sharing the moment of zen - I didn't even realize they were murals at first! :)

  17. What lovely tendril-like vines. You have amazing skill at making them. This piece is going to be another masterpiece.
    Very much enjoyed the news from your daughter.

  18. So glad your surgery went well and you're seeing true whites again! Congratulations on getting that 3rd border done. You're getting so close, and this quilt is quite stunning!

  19. I'm surprised Juki doesn't give you a horizontal option. Your invention is clever. Have you tried putting the spool laid down in a mug?
    I've done that before with misbehaving monofilament thread and it seems to work pretty well. Looking forward to see your beautiful work quilted. A once in a lifetime quilt