Sunday, March 19, 2017


Another border completed!  Both borders have been measured and sewn to their respective locations.  I don't sew the borders in place until the applique is finished as the tension of all those stitches reduce the length of the border.  The top and bottom strips have been laid down just to give you a sense of balance and direction.  The scrolly vines  on the top and bottom borders will twist and meet the vines of the side borders.  

I have used Kaffe Fassett fabric for the leaves and dots in the body of the quilt and plan to add some to the vines-not a lot but just enough to break up the greenness.  I have been looking at colorful stripes for the binding-I bought some of the green for that but now I think that is too much green.  I found this from Andover and am thinking of it as a possibility:

Each of the stripes are 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide and the fabric has the same bright colors.  if you imagine a narrow strip of this fabric  as an edge:

I like the colors and the fact that the bands are uneven-that is in keeping with the mood of the quilt as well as the black lines.  The green is the only problem.  Kaffe has some nice stripes but they are all in a limited color range.  Even the binding is an important design element!


I have cataract surgery in my right eye on Wednesday.  I am slightly apprehensive but glad.  Everything is getting so dark.  It is as if all the lights are dimming.


My blog has had visitors from two new countries:  Kazakhstan, and Columbia.  I am so happy you have stopped by to visit!  Flags have been added.  



A festival to appeal to all quiltmakers and designers: 
HOLI:  Festival of Colors

(photos from Atlantic Monthly-see more at

Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating springtime and Krishna's "pranks". Pretty colored powders are blown on celebrants or mixed with water and sprayed.  Only India would do something as wonderful as having a festival for color!

My daughter lives in northwest India in Rishikesh which is located at the foothills of the father Himalayas and near the mouth of the mother Ganges.  She has lived abroad for about 8 years spending 4 in South Korea where she taught English and wrote stories for the children to help them learn English. She has lived in Rishikesh for about 4 years where she writes and studies yoga.  Here is a photo of her at Holi 2016.

Here are some photos of Rishikesh and a map so you can find its place in the world.

My daughter walks across this bridge everyday.
The river is the Ganges.

That is all for this week!  Happy quilting to you until we met again!

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  1. Your quilt top is so beautiful! I think the fabric you are auditioning for the binding is fabulous! Your photos of India bought back happy memories of a holiday I spent in north India a few years ago. Good luck with your op on Wednesday, my mum has had both her eyes done recently, with no problems and she's 86!

  2. The borders are looking great! Good luck with the surgery... it will be easier to stitch after that!

  3. Good luck with the surgery, as I know it's a worry. I'm so glad the cataract surgery is available now for when our eyesight dims--hope the recovery goes well. Your quilt is so beautiful--as colorful as Holi!

  4. Your Sweet Surrender is just breathtaking, Pam! I love that stripe you're considering for the binding. What's wrong with the green in it? In a narrow binding strip, you won't see as much of it. Good luck with your cataract surgery. Maybe you should wait until the lights come back up before you make a final decision on that fabric... Soon you'll be seeing things much more clearly! :-)

  5. Wow, you have come so far with your applique! The stripe looks fun for the binding. Hope your surgery is short and sweet, as it should be, like 10 minutes! My cousin is married to an Indian man and recently posted that they are expecting a Naan in 8 months, lol.

  6. Your quilt is stunning! This one is on my bucket list...hopefully next year.

  7. Oh, I love that stripe! It will be great as a border for your quilt.

    Best of luck on your cataract surgery. Everyone says they are so glad to have had it done, that it makes such a wonderful improvement in their lives. I hope that for you, too!

  8. What a fabulous quilt! Thanks for the info about your daughter and India.

  9. I love your quilt. It's a great combination of piecing with applique and the colours make it bright and fresh.

  10. Best wishes on your surgery!
    Your borders look beautiful. Such a great fabric choices for your binding. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures of your daughter and India!

  11. What an amazing place for your daughter to live! Good luck for the op. xx

  12. Wishing you a speedy recovery on your surgery. Loving the borders.

  13. Good luck for your op! I hope that it goes well and that you recover quickly in order to see the world in all it's brightness again. Thanks for sharing the progress on your quilt - it looks amazing! Your daughter's 'commute' looks stunning too - thanks for sharing!

  14. Beautiful quilt and borders!

  15. The colors on the quilt are gorgeous, not to mention the applique. Nicely done!

  16. Thanks for linking to Show and Tell Monday and the inspiration you are bidding on! Bambi Hug

  17. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!

  18. What lovely tendril-like vines. You have amazing skill at making them. This piece is going to be another masterpiece.
    Very much enjoyed the news from your daughter.