Sunday, March 12, 2017


I received this wonderful package of fabrics from Robin at I Like to Create  I photographed the fabrics below Caswell because I wish I had some of these pretty fabrics when I made this quilt.  They would have been perfect.  The fabrics are all designed by Paula Barnes.  Isn't this the most generous giveaway ever!  I am very lucky to have won!


On to more mundane topics........
I have been working on the borders for Sweet Surrender.  I have been working on the right hand side:

The border is basically completed.  All that is needed is some leaves from the brilliant Kaffe fabric and, I think, some colorful dots but no flowers.  Keep it simple.
 The vines as you can see are based on the stems on the body of the quilt.  The applique stitching is completed.  I think I will make the vines for all four sides before I add the leaves just so I can see where I am at that point.

I origninally used my 1/4 bias maker and make yards of stems while I was waiting to buy the background I needed.  However, I molded and basted some of these bias stems and realized they were quite a bit different from those of the body of the quilt.  The 1/4 inch bias formed stems which were much more sturdy, architectural, and, substantial.  See what you think-match it against the thin stems in the quilt body.

Those on the right are the 1/4 " stems.  I much prefer the thinner ones which match the flowing, curvaceous, and more delicate look of the stems on the quilt body.  Here is my process for making the thin stems.  All my tools are there except for the clover mini iron.

I use freezer paper to trace my shape, then iron the shape to my cloth, clipping the edges of the cloth. I paint the cloth with starch as I go, then iron the edges of the cloth over the paper shape.  I have some fray-block handy for tightly curved areas which have lots of clipping. You can see by the two finished pieces the nice, clean results of this process.  I made several of the little silver ironing pads to use to keep the ironing board clean.  I can just throw these in the washer.  I use the Elmer's glue to glue baste the finished pieces on the applique.  To prevent glue from getting all over things, i lay the applique piece on a small piece of plexiglass and apply the glue there.  I cut lots of these squares from an odd piece of plexiglass I had around and just rinse the glue off after working. 

I like to use Elmer's because it glues the applique piece down sturdily but it is also easy to move and rearrange the piece.  When I have everything in place, I do big stitch basting with white thread .  I have found this method works well for me.  Everything stays put nicely and there are no pins to tangle me up.


Two friends watching the sunrise together.  

This is Rommy the yellow Lab and Yoshi the orange cat.  My husband caught this perfect image in the early morning  with the  Lieca camera in his cell phone. These two are good friends.  The cat generously  allows for the dog's more limited mental capacity (his words, not mine!)  



There is so much beauty in the natural world.  An here is a sample for you to enjoy.  These are Mandarin fish which live in the Pacific Ocean and love the reefs around Australia.  They are part of the Dragonet fish family-they look like they could be part of a mysterious dragon family:

Lucky Australia!

OK...that's all for this week-happy quilting until we met again!

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  1. Your border vines are wonderful. I think it looks good without leaves or anything else. Simply wonderful. Looking forward to see how you use the fabric. I'm glad it pleased you.

  2. Yes, those are very nice scrolly vines. BEAUTIFUL fish!

  3. Congratulations on the wonderful box of fabric! The vines are so graceful. I'm amazed by this beautiful quilt. What a cute photo of the dog and cat!

  4. Lucky you to win that great box of fabric, Pam! The difference in size on your vines - in the quilt and on the border - is not so obvious as you might think from a distance and from someone not looking as closely as you are. I think slightly wider vines on the border makes sense because it's a bigger area than the small triangles where the narrower vines are. But, as always, the maker must be satisfied with her choices!

  5. That sure is a terrific fabric gift!
    What a complex process for making these vines... I've never done anything like that before, so it was interesting to watch over your shoulder!

  6. That is a fabulous gift. I know you will put it to great use. Thank you so much for your process of your method of making the bias - very helpful and clear. Love your Sweet Surrender.

  7. A generous amount of fabric you received. Lucky you. I agree with Nancy, that it is difficult to see the difference in stems. The color is perfect and it is going to look very nice when completed.

  8. I love Paula Barnes' fabrics! I recognize a few prints you have there :) Your stitching is gorgeous and you have come so far with such a complex design. It's obvious you love doing it! Enjoyed the bright fishies :)

  9. Definitely a very generous giveaway - gorgeous fabrics. I love the way the border is coming along and those fish are beautiful. xx

  10. Lucky winner indeed - lots of beautiful fabrics. I like the vines you are creating for your borders. Sounds like you have a great plan for the finish applique work as well.

  11. Thanks for posting to DWM today -- your blog is new to me and I just love your colorful work. Sweet Surrender is gorgeous. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. Isn't it fun to get parcels of fabric in the mail (especially when you haven't had to pay for them)?

  12. Those swirls are so pretty! Thank you for sharing your applique process. The fish are magnificent.

  13. Your quilt is amazing. I love all the applique. I like the narrower stems better, they seem more vine-like, with curling tendrils. The fish photos would make an awesome quilt.

    1. I am glad you can see the difference-not everyone does and I feel it is a very important decision to make for the integrity of the design. Thanks!

  14. Fun package! Enjoy! Your borders are amazing!

  15. Wow! What a giveaway, congrats! I really like your new thinner scroll-work. Just lovely - this quilt is looking great!

  16. Yes definitely the narrower stems they curve so graciously, you have the patience of a saint to make your stems up like that for 4 Borders!!!!!! But how beautiful they are going to look. I have so enjoyed watching this quilt grow, at one stage I nearly started it my self then just knew I'd never finsih it with all the repeated blocks I would of become bord, I'm not good at doing the same thing over and over so top marks on finishing this beautiful beautiful quilt top. Great great give away what a wondeful gift. CHeers Glenda

  17. I've been hiding and hand quilting, so I had a lot of catching up to do with your delightful posts! I love your idea for the borders of Sweet Surrender. The idea to carry the stem thought to the borders is genius! Happy appliqueing!

  18. Congrats on your win!
    Thanks for showing how you do the thin stems.
    I'm wondering about the freezer paper inside-- do you remove it before you applique or do you slit the back after you've appliqued them down?

  19. The colors on the quilt are gorgeous, not to mention the applique. Nicely done!