Sunday, August 20, 2017


This is the beginning of Over and Down Under by Bonnie Sullivan.  It is a simple pattern but the hard part is making sure the 2.5 inch squares of fabric arrange themselves in the right places necessary to create the basket weave look. There are 40 different fabrics.  I ended up putting each of the different fabrics into their own numbered baggies. Soon the patterning made sense and I could dispense with the baggies.  Here is the pattern so you can see what the aim is:

The size on the pattern is 56 inches square which is to small to cuddle under properly-a person's feet would always be sticking out the bottom-how can that be warm and cozy.  So I am thinking of simple ideas on how to enlarge the quilt without losing the really charming essence of it.

Suki (my Juki sewing machine) has been a joy to work with. As I have mentioned before, my piecing skills are non-existent and I would never even attempted this intensively pieced quilt without the fabulous compensating foot that came with Suki and which makes perfect seams:

I am still working on the Hygge Scheepjes CAL 2017.  I have finished the body of the shawl (except for the spacers between the different motif rows) and have crocheted around the body of the shawl 2 times.  After I do the decorative spacer, crochet around the body a couple more times, and do some pretty decorative stitching at the two ends-Viola, fini!!

Maybe you remember on my 1st year blogiversary, I listed upcoming projects.  I have not even looked at any of these since that time.  When I lost my sweet Annie. I turned everything to face the wall as if all my projects were sitting Shiva.  Shiva apparently only lasts for a week or so, but mine are going on 4 months.  They have pretty much left me alone-they have not called to me or nagged me to get on with it.

However, I have ordered some background fabric for the Village quilt. I ordered ombre fabric with a lovely texture from Daiwabo in blue (for sky and water), green (grasses and hillsides), tan (rock walls), and gray (for rock pathways and plaza).  I ordered more than I need so I can play with paints to add some dimensions.

Not a good photo but you can see the ombre

Yesterday I ordered fabric for Yoko Saito's Enchanted Garden pattern from Quiltmania.  Her quilt is in blues, greys and some light tans.  Mine will be different-maybe i can show you my ideas next week.  Here is her pattern.  You can see it is very applique intensive (my favorite).

Found object of the week-from my walk on the wild side

I saw the neatest quilt the other day.  Its name was "Dangerous Roads".  I wondered if it were an original design so i googled "dangerous roads" to see.  I did not see the quilt (which is an original design) but I did see some of the most amazing roads.

Here is the quilt that began my voyage:

This quilt is by Julie Stocker of Pink Doxies.  I am not big on pieced quilts but this one just captured me. She has a way with color and design and you should check out her site! are some of the insane dangerous roads she let me to:
Atlantic Road in Norway
Dangerous Road in Romania

Tongtian Highway in China

Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

Friendship Highway in Pakistan  AKA The Karakoram Highway

These are just of few of the Dangerous Highways.  If you really want to scare yourself, google this for more!

That's all for this week (that's plenty!).  Happy stitching and see you next week.  Have a good eclipse!!

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  1. I've been tempted by the Yoko Saito quilt, but haven't had the nerve (or time) to start it. I'm looking forward to seeing what your plan for it will be.

  2. Your basket weave and your Hygge are looking lovely Pam. That blue and white applique is stunning - looking forward to seeing your version. xx

  3. That basketweave pattern caught my eye a couple of months ago, so I'm happy to see you making it! It will be beautiful :)

  4. I really like the "Over and Down Under" quilt. It does look like a challenge to get everything in the right place, though.

  5. Ooh, applique intensive. My kinda gal. I have been working ( on and off, but more like off lately) on Ester Aileus Love Entwined. If I sit and get a lot of prep work done I am good to go. Lots going on of late so when I do sit I've been doing some instant gratification ( well not instant) but faster worked projects. Anyway I'd like to know if the enchanted quilt is worked in sections or as one piece?

  6. Know we will be seeing some lovely work as you begin the Yoko Saito quilt - those dangerous roads would have me hyperventilating with fear. I thought the Glenn Highway in Alaska was enough white knuckle driving for me.

  7. Thank you for inspiration and linking to the Show and Tell Monday !! Bambikram

  8. Your shawl is so lovely, just beautiful! She has been good therapy for you. There is no set time for grieving, in fact, you will grieve your Annie the rest of your life and there is nothing wrong with that.

    The basket weave quilt looks lovely. You are right, 56" is not long enough to cuddle under. Yoko's quilt is a WOW! Just work on whatever gives you peace.

  9. Hi Pam,
    Over & Down Under looks really cool and your Suki sounds like a gem. It seems like it should be easy to just add a few rows to make it longer rather than square. I look forward to seeing what you do. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Love your Over & Down Under quilt-to-be! Such an amazing technique to get the woven look!

  11. Thank you for sharing my "Dangerous Roads" here. You've given me food for thought with the pictures you found. Do you know that one bad dream I often have is being on the top of a hill, and not being able to see where the car is headed? It must be a common theme.

    I'm glad to see you've started to sew again. A little at a time. A little is good.

    Wishing you peace~

  12. Hi Pam, just dropping by to say hello and hope you are doing okay. Thinking about you.

  13. Hello, you’ve been in my thoughts these last few months, are you still sewing and appliqué-ing? I hope you’re looking after yourself x

    1. Thank you ES-I respond here as you are a no reply blogger. Thank you for your concern and thoughts for my well being. I am doing much better and beginning to resume on my work. Thank you again-you will never know how much posts like these have meant to me.

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  15. Your bird blocks are gorgeous.

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