Sunday, August 13, 2017


These are the two sides of the shawl.  You can see my passion for orderliness:  each side repeats the other with the pattern of 2 elements, then 4 elements, then three and then 6.  On each side the motifs are similar in that they are a like motif using related colors but the designs on each are different.  The first is two birds of differing blues and differing pink/rose flowers and green stems.  The second is 2 different sets of upright flower motifs in similar colors.  The third is similar starbursts using the same colors, and the 4th is different vine and leaves with 6 buds each.

The little sections set off by the yellow yarn are reserved for decorative stitching which will separate the rows.  I have not decided what that will be composed of either by color or pattern.

Here is the shawl laid out and seen from both ends.  You can see what the final section will include the rainbow bauble stitching that appears in the first photo.  The bauble stitching is very charming but you can also see my lack of crocheting skills in the wonky edges.  Oh well!

So I am nearing the end of this project-just do the bauble stitching, figure out the section dividers, and crochet a few times around the shawl when completed.  

I think this photo is interesting.  It is a close up of the cross stitching surface decoration on top of the dark gray stone washed Scheepjes yarn.  I ordered the kit from England but found I needed more shades of the colors and some colors of the kit did not appeal to me like the sharp red and the bright yellow.  So I ordered a second batch of the Scheepjes Catona yarn mostly in differing shades of individual colors (Catona yarns form the decorative shipping).  The Wool Warehouse in England is such a lovely place to order from and, even with overseas expedited shipping, was cheaper than shopping for this pretty yarn in the US.


I have received so many thoughtful, kind, and sympathetic condolences from my blogging friends.  Your encouraging words meant so much to me and I can never really thank you enough!  One thing I have discovered during this grieving time is how many other mothers have lost children to untimely ends.  Losing a child must be one of the worst things that can happen to a parent but we have all suffered similar grief at losing someone dear.  We all understand the pain and hurt of it.  It strips away differences and makes us all the same.  Thank you again.  Your words have meant so much to me.


I have been collecting found items on my walks in the woods.  I am not classifying or categorizing them as I have with birds.  With birds, I can tell you which family one belongs to by looking at the beak or instance.  Not so with my found items from my walks.  I will follow the bard's advice when Romeo says:

What's in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other word would smell as sweet;

So no names or categories-the found item will stand on its own:

And this beautiful butterfly does!


Last but not least, we must not forget our moment of Zen:

This outstanding photograph taken of a man gathering flowers from lily pods in Vietnam.  Attribution is below the photo.

Well, looks like I am back blogging again and it feels okay!  So happy stitching to you until we meet again!

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  1. Your shawl is fantastic! So gorgeous!

  2. Your shawl is beautiful. I like orderliness, too. Love the butterfly, and the water-lily gathering.

  3. Your Hygge is looking great. I was disappointed with the bobble pattern for the end and wished I had repeated the ones from the beginning. But I was very pleased with the border pattern and the finishing of the ends. Gorgeous butterfly. xx

  4. The shawl is just beautiful--a work of art!

  5. Your shawl is beautiful, the needlework is exquisite! I'm glad you have the shawl for therapy.

  6. Gorgeous shawl, beautiful work as is the butterfly and the water Lilly pond. 💐

  7. An incredibly detailed and beautiful shawl!
    I am just recently returning to blogging myself this summer.
    I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter.

  8. What a special piece of needlework! Your shawl is something one would find when opening an ornate trunk from long ago - what a treasure you have created.

  9. You are so multitalented, your shawl looks wonderful.

  10. Your shawl is bscrumptious. I love that picture from Vietnam. I will be traveling there is a few months. I hope I see such beautiful shots.

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