Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Blogging appears to be a dying art. Now seems like a good time to revive it as a way of reaching out to others during a period of self-isolation when people crave interaction with others. I am adopting my title from Daniel Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year.  So I will tell you what is occurring in my little corner of self-isolation and in the small world around me.

Few here seems to be taking the BIG C seriously. People old and disabled and young and vigorous drift in and out of Walmart. Schools have finally closed today in my rural town but there are groups of kids wandering around and playing with each other. Finding child care must be very difficult at this time if both parents don't have the luxury of staying away from the workplace.  Andrew Yang makes a lot of sense right now.  Missouri has recorded its first death.  In total MO has tested OMG only 266 people.

But enough of this doom and gloom.....I wish I had a better photo of "Curiouser and Curiouser", an Alice in Wonderland themed quilt. I sold this quilt to an "Alice" aficionado. I love it when my creations go on to live their on life independent of me.  Here are some other photos:

This quilt is Helen Godden's design.  She has a block of the month each year with wonderful images to paint and quilt.  The above is my second foray into this process.  Most of the work is from Helen with some touches of my own in some of the design, painting, and quilting.

Visit her page if you are looking for something to do.  I would recommend to begin with Feathered Friends quilt.  Each year becomes a bit more difficult tho Helen takes you thru the whole process with 2-3 long videos explaining everything.  She holds your hand.  It looks hard but is actually easy.

I finished this quilt Dec 2019.  So what have you and I been working since then?  Well, I guess we will have to check back in with each other. Personally I will be doing shorter blogs but talking with you more often.

A moment of reflection, humor, or beauty in these trying times 

What is with this toilet paper hoarding?  Can't figure that one out.  Or the grocery store fisticuffs over bottled water.

Happy Creating!

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  1. I so enjoy seeing your projects, how lovely your Alice quilt could go to a new home to be cherished. We're practicing somewhat self isolation, I think farmers live semi isolated lives anyway but with one of our sons and his family living next door, it's impossible for us to shut them out. I need to try to keep the young grandsons lives as normal as possible. I'm so thankful they have plenty of room to run around. Yesterday we took a walk to the back of the farm to see what animal tracks we could see. Even the 3 year old could recognize raccoon paw prints after we showed them to him. Stay safe, stay healthy! Looking forward to more posts from you.

  2. As always, lovely to see you pop up in my feed. What a stunning quilt and how lovely that it has gone to an Alice. Here in France we are only allowed out to shop/work/medical reasons and if we do go out we have to fill out a form stating our reason for going out, name address, date and sign. Typical of French beaurocracy. However, I went to two supermarkets this morning and no gendarme in sight to check my paperwork. We are fortunate to have a large garden which means not only that there is lots to do but that also we can get out for a walk when we like.. Stay safe and I look forward to finding out what you are working on now. xx

  3. Hi, I love your Alice in Wonderland quilt - it really expresses our current reality well.

    1. So true....the rabbit hole gets bigger every day. I am happy you like my quilt. I had so much fun quilting it. The hardest part comes last tho. First you paint your lovely pattern, stitch in the black to stabilize AND THEN you free motion quilt all over your paint job. That is pretty scary.